The Political Process

Getting elected when not rich or connected is a difficult thing to do on the local level. The candidate must, in any case, have the support of the electorate or people. Without this base of support the candidate will not win. The role of the business owner has to be one of endorsement and support so that the candidate will at least get the attention of the voting body. Existing on a radar of potential voters will be the officials' way to get noticed and into the desired position. The Political ProcessBusiness and other entities like unions need to choose a strong candidate who, in their view, will make the community better. Questions regarding homelessness, poverty, and hungry should be directed towards the candidates in an appropriate format so that there is more than a dialogue on the issue. Conversations and discussions have to lead to a solution in all cases. Otherwise talking is a pointless pursuit for both sides. All involved have a responsibility to help with a resolution to a problem and this entails compromises and not giving up. Familiarity with the political process and business means that certain advantages will manifest for the business owners involved. This can happen in a big way with tax cuts or it can mean increased business through patronage. Either way the campaigner wins when the oath is taken and multiple businesses win because they're saving money in the process. The job of the candidate is to bridge a gap in the relationship to prove that the deals done are reputable and legitimate. Of course elections are not the only component to building ties with the business community. There have to be actions that make the promises during the campaign realistic. Although a good campaigner can champion causes it takes pure brilliance to please all involved. This is where businesses come in. The role here is to appease critics and to continue to stand by the candidate. Even when the road becomes rocky because of the issues the businesses should not stray.

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