Commanding a Certain Salary

salaryThe job is yours and you've been working it for some time. Eleven years have gone by and you've received compensation as well as promotions, but you want more. For reasons that seem obvious you request a raise. But this does not work immediately so the next step is to make alternate plans by looking for other employment. Finally, a new job has been secured and your demands are met when you first start the job. To command the six-figure salary that your work qualifies, your continued objective is to get the job done with speed and skill. It takes experience to maintain a position at this level. With the experience that you've acquired thus far it's easy to do the best possible job thereby giving an excellent performance and getting even better evaluations. Work experience involves all field related activity. Whether it's volunteering or consulting, the best bet is to perform these tasks in your personal field. In this way you become a specialist and a highly prized employee. By enhancing for the career of your dreams, you've helped to write your own ticket in the field. Connections play a part in the decision to make a career move. This applies to the majority who are accustomed to making alliances and gaining from these relationships. Some workers are not group oriented and act as loners. They too can get the job done, but without the corresponding attachments. Some companies prefer this sort of union between the worker and the business entity. In this way the relationship is less personal; therefore, the employee will focus on the job at hand. Education matters because it takes principles and theory to guide many business decisions. Without reading the textbook, you may never know exactly what you're doing and why you're doing it. Education includes university attendance, on-the-job training, and other efforts to self-educate. These all matter in the formula to form some semblance of knowledge for the job that is to be done.

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