Cordiality in Question

Cordiality in QuestionActing with tact and extending niceties towards others is a good thing in the work place. But when kindness is gone and violence is near due to poor decisions it stands to reason that things must change. Taking into account the value of being polite versus acting ugly it's far more beneficial to harbor feelings of cordiality. So, when cordiality comes into question it's a winning plan to make amends where apologies come into play. It's wrong to be a work place bully. And even with knowledge of right from wrong people are still prone to doing things that are corrupt and not on the level. As always report the bullying to the appropriate authorities even if it's only observed. This gives victims of bullying a second recourse to finding justice within the workplace. The rates of bullying on the job are increasing so don't be a bystander in such cases where reporting is necessary. Businesses need not categorize people who report crime; instead, they should be revered. The mission of reporting wrongdoing is to end the occurrences and this is accomplished through write ups and evidence. The business world is given to abrasive people, but they don't have to persecute the innocent worker for reasons that most likely don't make sense. Advising a bully only serves to provide positive reinforcement for what he's doing to another. Thus, the attacks don't cease and the victim is humiliated continuously. Behavior should not reach the point of warranting an intense evaluation by superiors for negative reasons. Instead, there should be good things to say. If bullying reaches the point of having to be reported, then it's gone too far. The work place sometimes incites significant struggles, but attacks on others should not be resorted to in any case. Granted people can be aggravating, but, at the same time, there is no clear cut reason to dole out personal attacks against those who are different. The moral here is obvious and that is to simply practice the golden rule.

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