Did Your Education Prepare You?

Did Your Education Prepare You?Studying for a degree didn't focus on a field until later in the college career because most of the time was spent covering the basics. Learning the fundamentals was the cornerstone of the education, but did these studies and others prepare you for your career? Or, were the essentials of your career learned through hands on experience? Most people will answer that on the job training was the best teaching tactic used to enhance what was taught at the traditional college or university. As an entry-level worker, if you can recall, most of what you used at that job was referenced and supported by techniques and principles gleaned on the job. There were manuals to apply, but to get the job done and to impress the supervisor the best method was training and advice from those who'd already completed the tasks you were just then covering. In a sense your education equipped you to learn more (and the music class for the humanities requirement has taken its toll). Thus, the only thing that helps you remember the useless courses is the cost of the education. If anything has helped you with your working ability, then it's the fact that you have bills to pay and this is your motivation for showing up every day at your job. So, yes, the education you received helps keep your priorities on track as there is no one who will help you with your finances at this stage in life. Based on the mortgage, insurance, and car notes there is no chance that you'll find flaws in your education. For at least it was deemed acceptable enough to get you the job. Even if your education is the best education in the world and you've attended a prestigious institution there is still no guarantee that you'll use all that you learned at the campus. This might not be such a bad thing, as we learn something new every day especially in a demanding position.

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