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universitiesMaking plans for receiving a quality education takes much effort because of the competitive nature of the other applicants. The applicant pool is most severe and quite venomous when it comes to expectations and accomplishments. But you've decided that you are worth the time of consideration by an admissions committee at one of the nations' elite institutions. What this entails is an attempt to gain acceptance to a prestigious center for learning. This wouldn't be possible without the confidence, requisite scores and grades, and top notch recommendations. The plan is to study economics under their tutelage for four years in the hopes of entering the world of work immediately after the degree is granted. With a fine education it stands to reason that you'll be prepared academically for all that a degree bestows. But not only is it a degree it's a fine institution known for the quality of its graduates as they enter into various fields looking to set trends. When completing the application you'll explain to the committee in essay form why you want them to admit you and why you'll be a good fit for their type of education. Having done all it takes to measure up since grade school it's indeed an accomplishment to be accepted by not only the campus of your dreams, but also the envy of academia. The challenge has only just begun with this essay, as you have only so much space to explain yourself to the revered committee. The application has been mailed and now it's the waiting game for a decision that will change your life. You could study economics anywhere, but you've selected a particular school based on its merits. The hope is that the qualifications will speak for themselves more than you ever could due, in large part, to the very nature of admissions. Weeks have passed and the letter is now in the mail. Fortunately for you it's a thick package. You've been admitted to the school of your dreams. And for what stress it caused you, the painful wait was worth it.

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