JD Rockefeller and the Rich of Today

JD RockefellerThe original JD Rockefeller is not an unknown to people in industry, to students of American and business history, and to those who are looking to acquire vast sums for their own benefit. This mastermind behind Standard Oil pioneered industry expectations and set records for only the best to surpass. Getting rich is something that is most admirable, but for most it's not easy. There are scores of people who would like to lead the pack in money gained and still others who would rather exist as simply comfortable. Not that Rockefeller was greedy, but billions of dollars is far more than anyone can spend in a single lifetime. The key term to use in describing him is innovative. Using present day standards to explicate his ascent to the top of the food chain keeps things in perspective. There are others who were wealthy during Rockefeller's lifetime, but none quite equaled him during that era. Knowing this alone helps set him apart from any newly rich, as he would be considered old money by now. The legacy continues from then until today with his progeny holding vast fortunes of their own. The rich of today should think to reach his high standards of financial living. Most work under the grind of a clock with a schedule that can't be envied. This is the life that they lead because of either lack of motivation or lack of know how. Those that have broken through to be wealthy in their own right would make JD Rockefeller proud, but they would not be he envied. You see, the controller of, what was at one point, a major monopoly is not easily disturbed by newbies. This is not a treatise in the art of feeling inadequate, but an effort to keep things in perspective. So, if you have millions of dollars or if you're a borderline billionaire there is still someone better off. There is no need to be arrogant or necessary cause to rudely flaunt what you've acquired. Yes, it took hard work, but there was a bit of luck as well.

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