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Office PartyFor a few hours there will be an event to remember. It's the party that's been planned for some time and finally that day is now. For this gathering the instructions were to bring a dish and a beverage. The buffet at this party showcases casseroles, salads, and rich desserts. For all in attendance it pays to not have eaten anything thus far because the food currently available will be filling and appetizing. The office party as described has certain rules and if these rules are followed then life may get easier on the job. It starts with the items brought to the event. In some ways judgments are passed based on this. If bringing a pre-packaged dish, then that's generally in the clear. If, on the other hand, the dish is cooked at home then be sure to use fresh ingredients and clean wares. All of this matters to the group being served. The best possible luncheon depends on the food. At this function it's critical to provide the best and even more important that it's tasty. The success of the event and potential business alliances depends on this presentation. In addition to the standard office party there is the Christmas bash where there may be a requirement to dress the part. Something requiring more than the typical professional attire is also a time to mingle and get to know the other workers. An event like this is usually catered and, at times, there is alcohol. Be aware in this situation and avoid consuming too much of anything. The bosses and supervisors are watching and this is not the time to ruin an image. All in all if the parties go well, then they will be repeated. And based on this first experience any other events will come easy. The goal of the office colloquy is to transform the business day into something that is more relaxing and friendly. This will bring the forces together to work on various projects at a later date.

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