The Thoughts of a Workaholic

The Thoughts of a WorkaholicEnough is never enough. This is the motto of some who look to the job to be demanding with added expectations. These people are tried and true workaholics because they ask for extra work, look to help others, and do an all-around great job. They believe that no job is done right unless it's done by them. Some of this motivation is for personal advancement, but many times it's for the feeling of accomplishment. While there are different thought patterns, there is one thing that they hold in common and that is the need to exceed. These overachievers have accomplished much in their lifetimes and can't stop the upward climb because it's too satisfying. Maybe they were like this in childhood or just given to wanting excessive challenges. Whatever the case may be their drive and dedication are commendable and as such it continues to display in their lives even now. A workaholic generally has the right attitude and will not drift away from their duties on the job. At times the demands can be great, yet the overachievers meet every need by staying late, learning new tactics to solve the problem, and teaching the team to do the same. These are the types of people to have working for you in highly visible positions because these types of people are not there for just a paycheck; instead, they are there to complete the task. This is the reason why they get so many accolades in the process -- a positive consequence in itself. Rewarding the workaholic with greater responsibility and more pay is more than likely an impetus to them. When seen for what it truly is, this type of worker has no problem creating better output given the resources are available. This hard worker deserves excellent references, as they have proven that they can indeed deliver. When all things are considered it stands to reason that the work life that seems to define them actually comes to refine the organization.

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