The Work Craze

The Work CrazeGenerations ago work meant churning butter and curing meat. For males it meant going on the hunt to obtain a means to eat. Well, we've come a long way, as the options have turned into offices and corporate facilities. Keeping this in mind one has to conclude that there must have been an intense dedication to bringing home the bacon (literally) in the past. This owing to the fact that food, just as it is now, was one heck of a motivator. People are still motivated to work only it's for greenbacks and other forms of currency. The mentality of working from sun up to sun down may no longer be politically correct, but it's left a marker on society. There are people who hold hard work near and dear and having this capacity to devote extra time to the office has lead the business world to newer forms of leadership. Many of those persons who work in the corporate world dedicate an unusually lengthy time to the world of work. There are employees who go on to get patents for their work in addition to exceedingly large bonus checks. This is an incentive to continue on in the pursuit of a better life. Where there is a pattern of good work there is reward and this is what gets most out of bed every day. Some people are on the job for the challenge or competition. This is due to human nature itself. There are factors within us that cause us to seek obstacles in varying forms and on different levels. The job is a meeting place, but it should never turn into a social hour. That sort of behavior is for an extrovert-like working environment. And within the cubicle there is no room or time to practice engaging in endearing relationships. Having work on the brain when home is a sign that the job has consumed and as a result the idea of frivolous activity gets tossed to the wind. For anyone not acclimated to working around the clock, get accustomed to doing what you enjoy and it will be done easily.

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