Winning the Lottery

Winning the LotteryAfter hearing the final number called, after the intense euphoria, and after calling an attorney you collect your winnings. Whether small or large the money will be used to secure the life that you've always dreamed of. This calls into question the reality of continuing to work at the same job or living completely off the winnings. Yes, a good deal of thought has to be applied to the decision and you ultimately decide that remaining in your present position is best. That answers the job question. The next thing to consider is the major purchases that will tempt you. Will it be a new car, home, or scores of these things? Keep in mind that it's just a material item that can be destroyed and later replaced. A good idea is not to get attached to the spending of your new found wealth on things that you don't need. It might be a challenge not to buy things that display your new social standing. It seems that saving money is not essential to a newly minted wealthy man or woman, but it's still a good plan. After the taxes have been paid there is the job of maintaining your new status. Maybe one new car or new home will work, but several major purchases, when you have old age to think about, is not a wise decision. Meager living is over you may think, but the wise winner will not be a spendthrift. Instead, the winner will be cautious and thoughtful. The downside of a lottery winners' life is the appearance of people that would not ordinarily give you the time of day. These are the people who want to get something from you for nothing. After a while it all ends, but it can be a rough road for a time. So, enjoy your winnings with the comfort of knowing that the money and future investments have put you into another world. And in this one you call the shots since the money has given you that privilege.

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