Cause and Effect Relationships

cause and effect relationships"He started it," said the co-worker who just sent a glass of water flying towards a more reserved employee. Yes, people resort to all forms of violence to make amends for the issues that they develop and over time this becomes the lifestyle of the firm. To prevent this from happening, action must be taken for the sake of gaining some semblance of correct behavior. As is known, things can escalate from the simple water toss to fists thrown to slaps passed to bullets flying. Horse playing has to be stopped and should be ridiculed by those in authority. Sometimes the simple look or the obvious attack can lead to worse things. An employee should think that one thing can get blown out of proportion and the entire office can go into chaos. This is the message that must be shared because office violence is a national catastrophe. Having acknowledged the fact that life can be altered by one lone event, it's germane to the cause of humanity to continue to prevent such actions. If 'A', then 'B' is the logic used when viewing an employee and their poorer than usual actions. So, if he does it once, then there is a chance that he will do it again and the outcome may become volumes worse. Nobody likes to be pushed around. Whether the victim reports it or not, the attacks should stop. It's a business environment not a playground. This message sometimes falls on deaf ears, but it's the one that is most likely to stick once it's understood. Scientists believe that for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction. This statement seems true to those who are on the receiving end of both negative and positive tidings. The idea of the cause and effect relationship disturbs those who are not expecting abuses. Therefore, in business it's the duty of the person in charge to act on a violation whether this action involves the corporations concern or a slight office skirmish. See also other
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