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fair practicesSince the beginning of time and the advent of the business kingdom, certain business practices have been called upon to be investigated and changed. Centuries ago there was an industry for the slave trade and even now there is a high level of trafficking of human beings. With the near disappearance of companies indulging in the slave trade and modern day trafficking getting combatted by governments, it seems reasonable to say that although criminal practices get noticed they very rarely get eradicated entirely. The slave trade is just an example of poorer industry practices and, admittedly, one of the more extreme cases. Aside from the more blatant examples of inhumane treatment there are types of business abuses that don't get taken seriously. One such example is the practice of havingfalse offshore accounts. With these accounts money is siphoned to places that may or may not exist. Obviously, this is not a fair tactic in running a company. Instead of traditional honesty, the firms' leaders have decided to conjure another world and level of lying. Unfair practices abound, but on the flip side of this coin there are practices that matter much more. One of these is paying an employee fairly for their work. Another example is not stealing the ideas of others and claiming those ideas as one's own work. Sadly, this happens frequently in the working world. To combat the problem and to address it if it happens, be sure to at least have backup copies of all work submitted. And, going a step further, it might be a wise career move to have patents of any inventions whether they relate to the firms' work or not. Taking all issues into account in the case where there is questionable behavior, it would be a good idea to leave a paper trail. In this way a company can learn from its mistakes and make progressive efforts to become a fair firm. Big business is not always good business and as such there are those points to make regarding efforts to move in the right direction. See also another interesting
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