Hiring Women in the Workforce

Based on evaluations and studies done by the government, it has been concluded that women should be considered and hired for positions that were once reserved for men. The world has age old practices that entitle men and leave women to positions existing in the home. There have recently been significant strides where women are increasing their numbers in the professions, but this still leaves more to be desired. women in workforceAccording to history, men are at the top of the ladder in nearly every field. Even now with empowerment ceremonies and policies designed to change the situation there is still a long way to go to truly face an equality that can only be defined by Webster. With a woman's presence on the job in high powered positions it seems reasonable to presume that more will follow this path. At a time when women are taught to be independent and push for greater things, there could still be more trailblazers in the future. Pay scales have to shift in the right direction for there to be compensation for the work actually done. This can happen rather quickly if government policy would shift in a direction that favors females. Presently, there is a movement to get minimum wage earners double their pay. This is not exclusive enough. What if there was a system whereby all women wage earners were paid twice what they currently make? If more women would join in the fight, then something could happen for the better. Taking the issue to Washington and other capitols around the world can make the blow of equality in pay even greater. This, honestly, is not a conservative approach to the issue. The time is out for a timid appeal to the higher powers. A wage war needs to happen with those in positions that can make the dollar difference. This is fair and mandated by the many economic crises in homes, as women are often the only bread winner available.

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