Indentured Servitude

Indentured servitudeWork. It's a daily routine from which you can't get from under. It's a sequence of tasks performed for a board or supervisor who will hardly pay you what you're worth. This is the mundane as it has become known to you. Of course, direct out of university it was something highly wanted, as it guaranteed that new car and new home. Work was a meal ticket, but the challenge has gone and you're looking for something else to do to spend your hours each day. For a reason known only to you, the joys of the job have dwindled and you find that you're in a form of indentured servitude whereby you're hired and fired on the company's whim. So far, these whims have been in your favor, yet it's known that these good tidings can change at any moment. This has created its own historic and emotional roller coaster ride that won't end. Naturally, employment will last as long as you're equipped to handle the rigors and stress. Based on the demands of the job you're remaining at the office for hours beyond the initial expectation; however, there is compensation. For this reason, there have been no verbal complaints issued forth and all seems well. To combat the obvious troublesome thought pattern, you're looking into other means of support, but at the same time you would rather not leave on a permanent basis. This attachment to the job is a sure sign that they've got you on a chain or leash. In a state like this you'll never exit the grind of the job and live the life of your dreams where you're an automatic member of the upper class. Reality works itself in a different way. To get over the choices you've made leading up to this point it's essential to complete your job by giving more than your best and looking for ways to make the situation better. Over time you'll see that it's in your best interest to seek improvements on your own instead of demanding that the job adapt to your needs.

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