Mapping Out a Game Plan for New Hires

new hiresAs a newly established firm looking to branch out into other areas, you've made a few changes to the usual new employee orientation. This is the result of prior experiences and the advice of friends. Orientation will start a little differently and will go on for a half day. The idea is to acclimate the new hires to company policy and methods of success. With training beginning the latter half of the day, you're eager to begin to share the game plan to get things started on the right foot. At the start of the orientation the important thing is to make sure everyone understands their role in the position that they have been awarded. But to lead the foundlings in the right direction they should also know that although they are starting off as entry level workers, there is always a chance at advancement. This is the case because the founders, in this situation, would like to have newbies from which to pick. If advancement matters, then so does the reference. Employers know that not all new hires will remain at the company for reasons along the lines of holding other employment. So, it's a good idea to create relationships so that a personal reference or two, if required, will be positive and glowing. The reference plays a part in getting hired at another organization. And where you have at least one referrer saying helpful things about your performance and boasting about your track record, you will be a highly considered candidate. It is necessary for the new hire to learn to ropes of the firm. This can be done on the employees own time when they research the company and learn about its ties to other organizations. There is a time to do the research and find out all there is to know regarding the practices of the company in question. It pays to know something regarding the history of the firm. So, when a conversation comes up it may result in positive ties later on if the employee can speak upon something that matters with the right individual. See also other interesting
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