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media empiresCommunicating in the world is easy because there are multiple means through which this can happen. Talking, sign creation, and even grunting are forms of communicating that we use throughout our day. Only now, in recent times, can a conversation occur across airwaves connecting one nation with another. With personal gadgets and devices of similar kind it's possible to make non-physical encounters last for hours. With technology, empires have truly grown out of garages to the point of worldwide use. It all started with the telephone whereby AG Bell created a talking device. His idea was marketed giving birth to a communications conglomerate. At the start, telephones were slowly brought into public use like so many other electronic devices. But it took off once the utility became apparent to leading and purchasing bodies. Staying in touch was a habitual practice whereby the method of communication altered over time. Presently, it's not possible to imagine a life without a phone in any developed nation the world over. Television was next in line. With this device communication took an all new form. It's as if the news programs were lifted away from the newspapers and broadcast live by professionals. Also, there were programs both comedic and dramatic in nature that brought a new approach to the theatre. The television set took over the home during the middle of the twentieth century and as such different fields like politics and science began to see changes. When you think of media today thoughts turn to social media. This form of communication through the internet has skyrocketed. With companies like Twitter and Facebook it's possible to stay in touch and enjoy the lives of significant others whether near or distant. These media empires cross oceans with the click of a button thereby making shopping, talking, and living incredibly easy. Thinking of today's technology makes you wonder where the level of communication will be fifty years from now. And if you don't have a clue, you're not alone.

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