The Before School Jitters

before school jittersIt's the start of a new school year and you're nervous about returning this last year because of campus policy changes and new educators have joined the field. It's always been a big deal to get an education at an upstanding institution to you because it makes you more likely to get a higher paying job, you think. So far, your education has been rewarding and you're given to excitement when discussing your classroom accomplishments. But a new year is approaching, the last and final leg of your studies; this is where it's critical to live by the "well-rounded" code. Every year there is someone newly added to the classroom rosters. Making friends can be hard at times because you'll have different interests and beliefs. Most of the time you feel comfortable around people who have more similarities and fewer differences; this is what you're accustomed to. But now with the start of a new school year, you're going to give diversity a shot and hope that it works out for the best. This takes a tolerant and open mindset along with the right attitude in your efforts of gaining more friendly associations. Also on your mind at this time are your classes for the term. How difficult will the lectures be? How severe are the homework assignments? These are the questions that plague you currently and can only get answered by toughing out the semester. Personal experience goes a long way in the effort to gauge what you'll have to commit in terms of study time coupled with extracurricular activities and down time. Activities have to be allowed for, but within reason. Reading and studying have to be a high priority, as this is how you've maintained your academic performance. With this in mind it becomes obvious that to enter the world of work someday, you'll have to maintain also a peak performance on the job and in other areas of life. The jitters that school created can in fact propel you to higher heights and greater accolades. See also another interesting
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