The First Job

first jobYou've been employed before and you've gotten completely immersed in activities that warrant thorough experience for a better position. But this job is different from previous jobs in several ways. Here, you'll get to set your own work schedule at last. This matters to you because of other non-work related tasks on your agenda. To get the job you went through hoops and after the final interview the job offer came through. This was the best possible feeling, as you've attained a status that you've been trying to reach for some time. Through education and existing credentials it can be expected that you'll get better pay. The high pay is a reward for work done and its part of the expectation that you'll continue to produce as promised. Total productivity comes easy since you have compensation and benefits at this first real job. From a good education to the climb that you've just started, the outlook is bright because you're headed towards far more superior placement. And to get to the peak in a career performance over time matters. There can't be any troughs or low points in the field. There has to be a continued top rated performance, as this will ensure that you remain on the right path. Dominance is not achieved by taking breaks and relaxing for most of the day. It happens when there are strenuous and very often stressful motions made to achieve at a superior level. The first job is one of the most critical factors in life that have anything to do with where you end your career at a later date. More responsibilities arise with better pay. This makes for a more prosperous and strained life in a way. In a sense, the best years are to come having created a strong foundation to grow with. Time makes for more experience. So, with this trophy of a job it will bring more open doors and the ability to make more doors open for you and others. This, essentially, is the start of a great life. See also another interesting
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