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Diverse Marketing for a Diverse Public

Reaching out to today's audience and gaining more customers takes more effort if you're not used to the current social climate. There's a vast amount of migration to go along with the rampant poverty and warfare in the world. These are just part of life and living. It would stand out if a company could reach out to the underserved including the economically disadvantaged as well as women and minorities. Read the rest of this entry »

A Business Identity that Works

A Business Identity that WorksThere are companies out there with one liners and emblems that help the non-astute make a purchase or subscribe to a service. It just may be hard to develop a logo that sells with unlimited results like the Coca Cola company, but it's still possible. Remember, the emblem must relate to the brand. Products matter in the case of advertising; therefore, sticking to word associations or image selling is best for this purpose. Read the rest of this entry »

PR Consulting

If a company comes under attack its reputation will suffer. This means that its image will be sacrificed for the sake of bad publicity and the revenue may be jolted in the wrong direction. The situation can grow worse with time, but to stop the negative propaganda it just might be a good idea to hire a PR (public relations) consultant. When this happens there are a few facts that have to be covered in an effort to save the firms' reputation. Read the rest of this entry »

Profile on LinkedIn

Seeing others and being seen sometimes determines if that promotion will happen soon. An internet profile gives the reader an idea of those things that aren't generally covered. Establishing a presence on LinkedIn, a virtual resume showplace, will bring attention and potential for further employment. By design, the internet itself is a means to exposing oneself to the many resources and procuring employment opportunities that may not have been listed. Read the rest of this entry »

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