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Career in Internet Marketing

With the advent of Internet, marketing has evolved from its tradition avatar into more robust and dynamic forms. Internet marketing has developed as a fast growing industry in itself. Owing to its fast growth, it has also opened up immense job opportunities for youngsters looking to get into a marketing job but are not interested in the regular marketing stuff. Jobs in Internet marketing are quite different as compared to normal marketing jobs. While the purpose remains the same, the approach differs as Internet audience behaves and reacts in a different manner.

Also, those aspiring for Internet marketing jobs have to be passionate about technology and keep themselves abreast with the latest tech advancements in the field. Thus, the basic skills that you require for an Internet marketing job are: thorough knowledge of the Internet space, a technical bend of mind, knowledge of marketing basics and loads of creativity. Since Internet domain is fast developing and the competition is also rising increasingly, one has to be on one’s feet all the time to be successful in this domain. Since Internet is a very powerful medium of communication, it needs an especially designed strategy to sell ideas to people.

Since Internet is a democratic domain, it rewards those who have done enough to ensure that apart from the worth of the product or service offered, the site is seen and marketed well to the users in this domain. The Internet audience is not bound by time or location. It was a world-wide audience. So, Internet Marketing requires talking to your customer wherever he/she may be. Once the traffic to the site builds up, it features prominently on the search pages and that is from where more traffic comes. Also, banner advertising on various other sites is on way of Internet Marketing. Then, there are text ads that are run on various sites. There are ad networks that handle such advertisements and place the ads on selected relevant locations. There is a whole industry dedicated to carry out and think of creative and innovative ways to promote things on the Internet. Even offline products are promoted online.

To get a job in Internet Marketing, one doesn’t really require a formal degree. MBAs, engineers, math graduates, and many others can do it equally well with practice. It pays to be creative and quick in this domain. The field is relatively new and is ever changing. Thus, there is scope of a lot of innovations and taking it to the next level. There area certain set practices following which one can enter the industry and once the nuances are learnt, one can look at any revolutionary idea.

There are basically three types of websites that carry out businesses on the internet. Firstly, there are customer to customer websites that enable communication of the consumers. They allow users to interact with each other and then benefit from their experiences for various pursuits. These would include networking sites, matrimonial sites etc. Then there are business to business websites where businesses link up with each other. This is primarily done for transactions and buying and selling of products and services. Then, there are business to customer websites where consumers of the products or the services being provided can directly come to the site. Internet marketing is the most efficient for such sites.

For a person in the Internet Marketing space, it is important to have a deep and clear understanding of all the types of sites and the mentality of the users coming to those sites. It is only when one understands the relevant audience that one can market any thing to them. They have to be spoken to in their language. Of course, creativity is important but it should not be ambiguous. Since the attention space of the Internet users is very less, it is better to keep the communication direct and crisp. Then, ranking up in the search engines is one sure way of targeting the relevant audience and getting the right traffic to the site. There are various practices to achieve this and these practices are an imminent part of successful Internet Marketing. Any product or service on offer should very clearly be able to state its advantages to the users and make them come to the site that is being marketed.

Most companies in the internet space do a lot of spending on Internet marketing and there are various job opportunities in such companies. Other than that, even offline companies hire agencies to do Internet marketing for them. These agencies also have good jobs on offer. One looking to pursue a career in this field can look at starting his/her career from either of these and then go on to learn and carve a successful career here.

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Email Marketing: 5 Reasons You Must Start Doing it Today

Do you want to market your business for fractions of a penny per message?

Email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to your small business. You can achieve outstanding results with email marketing, while investing only a small amount of time and money. Combine that with the potential to target more precisely than direct mailings, that's a real win for the small business owner.

In tough economic times, it is crucial to continue marketing your business, and maximize the marketing dollars you're spending. Email marketing is a perfect way to keep your business in front of your customers' and prospects eyes!

Sometimes, people unfamiliar with email marketing get nervous about it because the first thing they think about is spam, or they've heard that most people don't open their email, right?


Targeted mailings that pique interest result in high email open rates, and an opportunity to build relationships with your customers and make some sales. As for the spam issue, mailing only to people who have given you permission to do so minimizes the risk of being labeled a "spammer". Using myself as an example, I have mailed thousands of emails to my clients, and prospective clients, and have not had one spam complaint.

Following is a list of five reasons you must start email marketing now!

1. Email marketing is inexpensive.

Email marketing is an affordable way to stretch a tight marketing budget. Unlike direct mail, there is virtually no production, materials or postage expense. Email marketing can cost as little as fractions of a penny per email.

The expenses involved in email marketing involve having a hosted website with email capacity. You may also want to consider subscribing to a list management service, such as Constant Contact or aWeber, to help manage your email campaigns. The fees for this service range from about $15 to $20 per month, which includes unlimited emails.

2. Email marketing is highly targeted.

You can easily segment your email database into different groups, so that your promotions go to individuals most likely to respond to your offer. For example, you may send one offer to existing clients, and send a different one to prospects who've expressed interest in your products or services.

3. Email marketing is proactive.

Email marketing enables you to proactively communicate with your existing customers and prospects, instead of passively waiting for them to return to your website or storefront.

It is a highly effective way to communicate promotional offers, news, seminars, which may result in an increase in sales, drive traffic to your website or store, and develop customer trust and loyalty through relationship building.

Sending out a monthly email campaign will keep your business in front of your customers' and prospects eyes.

4. Email marketing generates an immediate response.

Promotional emails include a call to action that can result in immediate responses. Initial campaign responses generally occur within 48 hours of the time the email campaign is sent; testing and refining your campaigns is immediate. If you use a list management service, you can gauge the open rates of your email campaigns, which provides useful and immediate information you can use to tweak your campaign messages.

5. Email marketing is easy.

The Web-based email marketing products available to small businesses are easy to use. The services available through Constant Contact and aWeber, as well as others, include professional HTML templates, list segmentation and targeting capabilities, as well as automatic tracking and reporting of your email campaign effectiveness, such as for open rates, bounces, and spam reports.

If you're not a "techie", have no fear. You don't need a Webmaster or technical person on staff to handle the development and distribution of your email campaigns.

Email marketing works because it allows precise targeting of your marketing message, it builds loyalty and trust with your customers, it is inexpensive, and best of all, it drives sales. Include email marketing in your arsenal of marketing tools!

Copyright 2008, Bonita L. Richter

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Online Marketing Agency: for the Togetherness of Firm & Prospects

There is no lack of opportunity, either for customers or for companies, as far as Internet marketing is concerned. Millions of online prospects are available for online marketers and at the same time plethora of products are available for the customers. If you are customer and if you want to buy the latest gadget or a mobile phone then there is no dearth of options for you. You can see, compare and choose among mobile phones of your favourite company and style. No shop can give you such flexibility and convenience. And in making online shopping a great experience, online marketing agency has a major role.


These agencies make possible the confluence of companies and prospects. They do it through various online marketing tools. Search engine marketing, banner ads, Email marketing, B2B lead generation techniques and website development are few such tools which are used by various small, medium and big companies. Such tools make a website popular among its prospects. As you know that Internet is a keyword based business and here search engine optimization is a must for websites. Since more than 80% of Internet users rely on search engines and directories to find the information, so if you are selling a product or service through a website then it is necessary that you make your website search engine optimized.


You can take the help of an online marketing agency to know more about SEO. If you want to use some latest promotional tools then you can go for Email marketing. Of late, it has become one of the most efficient, affordable and easy-to-apply promotion tools. Here you can send newsletters, product information, greetings or invitations in the the form of an Email to your prospects. You can use either bulk Email list or opt-in Email list to contact your online prospects. As it has been proved that online customers prefer an email than any other medium to know about a product. That is why it has become one of the most effective promotional tools.


Moreover, you can learn about other B2B lead generation techniques by using an online marketing agency. You can generate sales leads and bring a significant number of quality web traffic. So, get ready to welcome this traffic and let the online marketing agency do its job.

Deepak Kamboj is an expert writer, he is currently associated with Rupiz Media Ad Network, a leading online media buying agency. He has been efficient in providing useful information about online marketing agency, banner advertising, online advertising, online ad agencies internet advertising agency, web banners.

Email Marketing: Advertising Solution For Marketers

Email marketing is a very powerful and valuable method of getting your products, services and ideas out there and if well done, it can even earn you some very good money. It allows you form a relationship with thousands of people you will never meet. The email has now established itself as a powerful marketing tool that is already an essential component of effective marketing. It is also likely to be better targeted than most other forms of marketing since lists are frequently refreshed with new recipients signing on and others using the self cleaning deregistration facility.

Email design of course, however strong the message, it must be well presented if it is to gain the attention it deserves. Its an increasingly powerful and ever so affordable way to turn prospects into clients. It can be used to improve the relationship between a business and its customers or to gain new customers. There are many reasons to use email marketing but often we end up focusing on the money making aspect of it and lose sight of the other areas that are also vital in the world of email marketing. Most email systems allow you to test and track your experiments, so you can see which offers and subject lines work best.


However, unlike direct mail, email marketing campaigns are not constrained by weight limits or postal restrictions. Resources email marketing and direct mail has long been considered an effective marketing tool. And without print costs to contend with, envelopes to buy and address and postage to pay for, email marketing is an economic solution that is available to companies of all sizes. Thats why creative email design is so important to any email marketing campaign, email design that makes the most of the flexibility of this media. Email has now established itself as a powerful marketing tool that is already an essential component of effective marketing.


The word spam is both a tinned meat and email that is sent out to a huge number of people with little discretion. Spam is the email marketing version of carpet bombing. Spam and the spam filters it has given rise to make it harder than ever to get your email delivered. Have you tried email marketing and been disappointed with the number of emails caught in spam filters. You will either purchase a list of unsolicited names and end up spamming your email list which can get you banned by your ISP, or you could rent a reputable opt-in list but you will find that the costs for doing this are even more expensive than hiring a snail mail list.

Most companies use email marketing to communicate with existing customers but many other companies send unsolicited bulk email, also known as spam. They make it very difficult for observers to distinguish between legitimate and spam email marketing. Some marketers report that legitimate commercial email messages frequently get caught and hidden by filters. Nevertheless, it is somewhat less common for email users to complain that spam filters block legitimate mail.


Email Marketing is by far the most cost effective way to market going into the future. It is instant and allows multiple links to be imbedded in the message, driving traffic to company websites. Email marketing is especially popular because it can be much cheaper than traditional mail marketing. It is way cheaper than media investments such as direct mail or printed newsletters and also information can be distributed to a wider range of specific, potential customers.

Moreover,without print costs to contend with, envelopes to buy and address and postage to pay for, email marketing is an economic solution that is available to companies of all sizes. Email has now established itself as a powerful marketing tool that is already an essential component of effective online marketing.

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