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Internet Marketing Search Engine Placement – The Key to Search Engine Placement Marketing

Internet Marketing Search Engine Placement

Search engine placement marketing is all about getting your website in the on the first page of Google or Yahoo. Have you ever wondered why the website you created doesn't come up when you type in the keywords that seem like they are most related? Believe it or not thousands of other people have created websites that are just like yours. You have a lot of competition. Millions of people are online.

If you are trying to sell something online, you probably have used a Google before and understand the value behind the service. For online businesses, there is no better place to be than on the first page of Google's results. Search engine placement marketing can make you more money than you could ever imagine once you have mastered it. Millions of people log onto their computers everyday and make purchases. Usually they start their searches on Google or Yahoo. People who understand the logistics of Google and Yahoo are able to master search engine placement marketing. It really isn't that difficult either. Internet Marketing Search Engine Placement

The thing that you should consider when writing an article or creating a website for search engine placement marketing is that you want to eliminate some of the competition. If you choose keywords that have hundreds of thousands of websites already in the search results, you are setting yourself up for failure. However, when you start combining keywords, you will notice that there is less competition. The key is to now find the keyword combinations that are the most relevant to your product or service that have fewer than 10,000 organic search engine results. Ten thousand may sound like a lot of competition, however, it is possible to get ranked with that many competitors. You will simply ensure that your article has the right amount of keywords for the search engine to pick it up.

For optimal search engine placement marketing, your keyword should appear on your website or throughout your article about two percent of the time. The reason for this is that any more that 4%, and your article may be flagged as spam. Any less that 1%, and it won't be considered by Google or Yahoo as relevant enough. Search engine placement marketing requires that you create websites and articles that have the proper amount of keywords. Remember, being listed first means that you will receive the most amount of traffic. With a good sales pitch that can translate into cash. Internet Marketing Search Engine Placement

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Sex – the Genius of Your Online Marketing Basics and Business

Alright, I was daring enough to put sex in my title, but what does it really have to do with your online business and online marketing basics? Would you believe everything? I am not going to tell you how to use sex sites and other off color things to build your business. I will show how sex and harnessing its power will and does change your power to achieve online marketing success.

Nothing here is new. In fact, Napoleon Hill has already covered the subject well. Long ago, Hill studied and recorded in "Think and Grow Rich" the power of sex transmutation. Now what does that mean? Sex transmutation is taking your incredible sex drive and transmuting (or converting) it to highly productive performance.

Your personal life experience certainly tells you that sex is an intense influence. When mixed with love, directed in an upbeat manner, and harnessed, sex can unleash average performance into genius. In life, sex has very constructive powers including the continuation of the human race, maintaining good physical health and emotional balance, and propelling mediocrity to genius. Are you getting the point yet, or maybe you don't believe me and think I am just pulling your leg.

Sex and genius; what do they have to do with each other? If you look through history, (which I won't do here since this is a short article for online marketing success strategies) you can certainly name many examples of greatness you are familiar with. You can even review the people you admire today and identify the creative genius.

Something known to be common to their genius is the ability to use the "sixth sense" or creative ability harnessed within. Your creative ability is essential in any business especially in developing your online marketing basics. Super achievers in any field have learned to stimulate their mind in a way that makes their brain function at a higher than average intensity. Genius functions by concentrating on known qualities and factors (of an unfinished product or strategy) and keeping this mind picture for the subconscious to capture and flash the answer to the mind.

If this sounds wacky to you, possibly it is due to you not allowing your brain to focus and absorb your ideas that permit your genius to unfold. Maybe you believe this is not an online marketing basic, but the fact is, you must start focusing on your genius (you do have it) as part of your online marketing strategy.

What does this have to do with sex? Your knowledge of historical biographies, biographical movies, and people you admire today will clearly demonstrate that love and sex create a powerful drive motivating the creative genius. I am bold enough to say that there is no one you know of that achieved remarkable success without love and sex combined to tap their genius.

A sex drive is common to everyone and can be constructive if controlled and channeled with love. Without love, the negative power can easily overcome you. Napoleon Hill analyzed 25,000 people and found that the majority of people don't learn to control their sex drive until about 40 years of age. This is also the same time that most people achieve their real genius, between 40 and 50 years of age.

Harnessing sex and love will explode your creative genius. The earlier in life you learn this, the sooner your online marketing basics will convert to a genius online marketing strategy. What do you do about it?

1. Stop ignoring sex and love, you have to have it, it is biological
2. Stop chasing sex alone, it will destroy you and prevent you from achieving your genius.
3. Take advantage of the potent sexual energy displayed in your outward confidence: your handshake, your tone of voice, your posture, and your clothing.
4. Allow love to exist with your sex, this combines spiritual power (love) with physical power (sex) and creates an incredible chemistry to put you in touch with your creativity.

When the power of sex and love is part of your online marketing basics, your creative genius becomes infinite. Your mind is no longer finite and your online business propels to the next level.

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Email Marketing ? New Era For Getting Traffic

Marketing is base of every business aware among of people. Marketing strategies are based on location, services provided of marketing there. For example in village TV is best medium to aware their business or you may talk to any person in village that’s your business would spread by people of village.

Now, In 21st century, medium of marketing are going change according to interest of people. In some country internet is good medium, then other country TV or news paper are good medium of marketing. Now, days have been changed to electronic medium, business man using cheap and best method of marketing. So lots of methods are coming for marketing for their business like email marketing, SMS marketing, fax broadcasting and PPC program. Each and every have its own advantages and disadvantages there.

Email marketing is most popular method among them all. Just because of cheap, best and good feedback from user. In email marketing bulk of email address to be collected and send email newsletter, containing services, promotions and new business strategies, to all of them in bulk. But email marketing is not be possible by manual sending, so there are lots of email marketing software available with providing tracking report like received email, bounce email addresses list, departure time and tracking about are they read by user or not.

Because of cheap, best and good feedback result, email marketing is good services. In email marketing important thing is good database of email and for different business type. For electronics, there should be other, for entertainment there should be other database so that number of feedback percentage would be increase. For getting email addresses, you may use RSS subscriber method on your website or purchase email addresses under law rules.

But like of excess of every thing, more email marketing can be turned into spamming and in result you would be got punished by government of country. So, while doing email marketing you should also follow law too. In email marketing content of email newsletter should be targeted and length of newsletter should be less, otherwise importance of email newsletter.

In Email marketing, automation of tracking of email is more curious part of this marketing. There is lots free and paid email marketing software available one of them is Ezmail email software. Ezmail product support unlimited email campaign, unlimited subscriber, unlimited data sources, reports about email opening, click through, email bounce and more.

Each software has some advantages and disadvantages, but popularity of software is depended on business type means some time, this would good business but not so profitable for other business. But in Ezmail products, this is compatible about for every type of business there. Other advantages of this product are cheap price and availability over internet.

Email marketing is grown method of marketing. Lots of companies are providing their good services in email marketing, SMS marketing in various regions. IN US, UK and UAE region there are lots of companies, they have good services.

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Home Based Business Advertising – Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe

These days there are about as many ways to advertise your home-based business as there are people in New York City. No, more! Because of the existence of the internet, your choices are virtually unlimited. Add to that the "old" ways of advertising through direct mail, radio, t.v., the Yellow Pages, etc., etc., and you get a very confusing choice of options to consider. How does one start when considering home-based business advertising?

First, look at your budget. We'll assume here that if you're interested in advertising you already have your business set up, so you're already on the right track. But the idea is to make money now, right? Not to have to spend it all on advertising or on products to resell. So considering your budget very carefully is the very most important first step in setting up your home-based business advertising. Do not spend money you don't have. Period. Unless you have lots of rich investors and backers, that is . . . which most of us home business types do not.

Second, think about what you respond best to yourself in the way of advertising. Are you one to channel surf on your t.v. to watch glitzy advertisements and listen to their catchy jingles? If so, this tells you that you respond well to visual and audio cues, and believe me, you are just one of millions that respond best to this mode of information gathering. If you like it, others will too, so use it creatively. This doesn't mean you have to buy a 15-second t.v. spot during the Super Bowl, but it might mean instead that you give out videos or tapes about your business. You can even make them yourself quite successfully these days, at home, on your computer. This is just one example, but the point here is to do your home based business advertising in a way you yourself like and respond to.

And third - and probably the most obvious these days - consider using the internet for your home based business advertising. The ways and means for this vehicle are literally unlimited these days, and you can find thousands of resources and organizations online who are there to help you do just that: advertise!! But be careful. Many want lots of money and there is little in return. Basically, look at advertising through the internet as a numbers game and seek out and use the experience of others to help you figure out what is effective. The internet is a great option; just use it wisely.

And oh, if you'd like to know about one of the resources that we personally use with great success for our home based business advertising, please follow the link in the resource box below.

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