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Dubai Email Marketing ? List of Email Marketing Software

Email marketing is done with lots of email addresses with different categories and then sent to the email to specified region in bulk method. In Email marketing there are some points are important that are like reporting of bouncing email, conversion rate and delivered email also. For any good email marketing software this is very necessary to have proper specified collections of email, easy and good look and feel also. For any email marketing software look and feel and functionality of software make software to be top email marketing software. There are some email marketing software also.

ezMailFlash Software: This is broad category based email newsletter creator email marketing software. It support to users to make email marketing newsletter into both HTML based and text based also. For good email conversion ration, HTML based email newsletters are the better than text based. This software is good for small and medium business type.


Unlimited email compaign

Delivered and Bounce Rate reports.

Dynamically Newsletter Creator

Unlimited database support

HTML and text based support also

Real Time Support

Unlimited Subscriber Support

Lyris HQ Email Software: This software is one of good email marketing software. It has property to integrate with other internet marketing tools. It has good control over lots of database collection and easy to handle also. This is award winning software named formerly also EmailLabs. This is also good to target to specified user for any specification.


HTML and Text Based Support

Integration with other internet marketing tools

Email API

Segmentation and target

Triggers Message

Email Marketing Professional 2.0: This is free email marketing software. This is also support to HTML and Text based newsletter. Perfectness specification of this email software is real estate, non-profit organizations, mechanic, professional artist and retailers also.


HTML and Text Based Newsletter

Customize database of people

Import customer list

Subscriber and bounce handling

SMTP support server

e-Campaign Software: This is support to bulk email marketing with reliablites, easy to handle. It supports to email groups to email campaign with HTML, Flash based and Text based email newsletters.


HTML, flash, text and multipart support

Embedded image support in email

Job schduling

SMTP authentication support

Encrypted SMTP support

Email marketing software are available over internet as free software, demo and full version also. Lots of email marketing companies have good email marketing


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Viral Email Marketing: How To Make Your Emails Viral And Outrageously Profitable

Viral email marketing is one of the most popular means of promoting your products or services. You can easily contact several thousands - or even millions - of individuals at one time and have them spreading your email message, promoting your business and generating income for you.

It is important that you understand the mechanics of viral email marketing to take advantage of its full potentials, and get the cash your business needs at a fraction of the usual time and effort.

What is Viral Email Marketing?

Viral marketing is one of the most efficient marketing tool innovated in the online industry. The term was coined after the idea of an information spreading quickly and effectively. In offline marketing industry, viral marketing is what is often referred to as “word-of-mouth” marketing strategy, which is considered by some marketing experts as the most effective type of marketing.

Viral email marketing is a branch of a variety of viral marketing tools and techniques that internet marketers can use these days. Although the benefits are quite appealing, there are certain techniques that online marketers need to follow closely in order to reap those benefits.

Since most people these days utilize their email to communicate on a daily basis, it is where viral email marketing is targeted. You can therefore appeal to every individual in your target market specifically, which when done correctly, have higher potential of generating sales.

If you were to recall the history of email marketing campaigns, it all started with Hotmail. They offered clients who availed of their service a free email account. For every online businessmen though, you can offer a variety of techniques to your prospects through their email that will enable you to utilize the power of this technology to spread the word about your marketing campaign.

Viral Email Marketing Techniques

The techniques you use in your viral email marketing campaign depends largely on your business goals. In most cases, the goals of an online marketer when sending out emails to the people in their mailing list is to inform them about a particular product or information. A subset to this goal is to compel them to forward the message or email to their friends in their email list, thus spreading the word about your line of products.

Why would your prospects forward the email they receive? The key here is to send them emails that are of some level of worth. If not, then it would probably take them a shorter amount of time to delete the email message than they would reading what the content of the mail is.

One effective way to increase readership is to carefully consider the information value or entertainment value you input in the content of your email message. Being informative does not necessarily mean your email message has to be dull. Learn how to infuse some creativity into it. With proper use of useful or amusing content, you will most likely compel people in your mailing list to read your emails and forward them to people who might benefit from them.

Prior to this stage though, you need to have had proper methods of building a large opt-in list. The methods you use must also be targeted, such that the people in your mailing list are most likely to respond to your viral email marketing campaign.

Subject Line of a Viral Email

Although this comes prior to the actual opening of your emails, this is incredibly important. The subject line is the first thing that a person sees whenever they open their inbox. There are only two options for them: to click on the mail you sent or not. Hence, it is important that you convince them to do the former. One technique is to keep your subject line interesting or provoke curiosity.

Using the “Open Me” or “Read Me” approach is fast becoming ineffective. Plus, it is a very lazy approach at convincing people to actually read the mail. Try to keep your subject line short but snappy for higher effectiveness.

Content of a Viral Email

You have three options in terms of how you build the content for your viral email marketing: sales letter, newsletter, or review format. Regardless of your choice of content format, you need to keep it brief yet ample in scope. Remember, people browsing the internet have short amount of patience and you need to feed them the information they need within the shortest time possible.

If you find that the message is too long but all parts are too relevant to omit, consider sending them in parts. This is also an effective way to rouse the reader's interest.

Another way to convince them to click on the links you provided is by offering them a valuable and tangible object. It does not need to be a lucrative object but must be something of value or usefulness to them. This helps further an effective viral email marketing that produces real results.

Timing or Frequency in Sending Out Viral Emails

Here is another important component for an effective viral email marketing campaign. If you have set the schedule for the broadcast of your viral email messages using an autoresponder, make sure to limit the amount of emails you send the people in your mailing list.

Three times a week should be substantial to advance your viral email marketing, but there are always exceptions to the rule. The key is to be sensitive to the needs and desires of your audience, and to offer them the right amount of information at the right moments.

Overdoing it can result to annoyance on the part of your readers and cause them to opt-out of their subscription. Or worse, they could spread the word about their dissatisfaction, which could negatively affect your reputation.

After all, an effective viral email marketing campaign is built more around the powerful messages you send them, rather than the frequency of emails on their inbox.

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Online Marketing Company: Act Smart and Go Global

A business must be making profit. Everyone knows it. It can be a little bit difficult to make it happen always as business involve risk. You never know about the move of market. It is necessary that you take wise steps in your business and make sure that your move is covering the risk. If you are involved in online marketing or if you want to venture into this field then make sure that you are investing in the right directions and you are utilizing the right online marketing tools. How will you make sure the same? You can do it by opting out for the professional help and that help can be offered from an online marketing company.

Any such company would let you know about various kinds of profitable Internet marketing tools which serve your purposes and which involve less risk. If you are concerned about the promotion of your product in a nicer way then it is necessary that you turn to modern tools of online advertisement. A whole new generation of consumers are ready to buy your product through the Internet. All you need to do is to reach them and in that case you can take the assistance from an online marketing company. To have a profitable online presence such assistance works. A good and efficient online ad company can provide some good Internet advertising tools.

Online tools are successful because a huge number of Internet users are using it for buying and selling products and services. They are utilizing it for other activities also like job, matrimony and property search. So a huge market for the advertisement is present over the Internet all over the world. An online marketing company can make you learn how you can make profit due to these Internet users. An advertising company can provide services globally like in UK, USA, India and Australia. Online advertisement is the best way for being recognized globally and for that it is necessary that you take the right guidance.

So, choose online ad tools like banner advertising, search engine optimization and e-mail marketing and for using them in better ways opt for an online marketing company.

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Internet Marketing Boise Providing Internet Marketing Services In Boise Idaho

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