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Tsingtao by China Enterprise Management Excellence Award

Recently, the fifth "Managing China" Award Presentation Ceremony of the total Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing, was held in Qingdao Beer Co., Ltd. With a long-term stable operation and Financial Crisis has shown remarkable ability to cope with risks, in the summit won the 2009 "Outstanding Contribution to Chinese Enterprise Management Award", Tsingtao Beer, President Sun Mingbo attended the ceremony to receive the award.

Award given word in the jury, said: Qingdao Beer Wine 106 years since it was launched, many times named the Financial Times ranked the UK top ten world-class brands in China. The last decade of this century to maintain double-digit corporate profit growth. In the hundred years of financial crisis, the first three quarters of 2009, profits still grew 79.3%, which once again proved why he is a hundred years old!

Forward-looking strategies, sound management, excellent management of Qingdao Beer Wine Award-winning cause and Tsingtao Brewery to buck the trend in the financial crisis, the reasons for flying. Before the arrival of the financial crisis, Qingdao beer had a premonition that might change the economic situation, seize the opportunity to the successful financing of 1.5 billion. The financial crisis began, cash flow is not sufficient Tsingtao guard, but proposed the "go all three," we?? Go all out to expand the market, under the premise of protecting the quality of go all out to reduce the cost, effort to go to guard against financial risks. Also proposed "financial winter does not hibernate," continue to implement strategies for integration and expansion simultaneously, and through NBA Series Sport Marketing Activities to promote the brand rejuvenation and upgrade the brand premium capabilities, and successfully overcome the adverse impact of financial crisis, before three-quarter profit growth of 79.3% of the outstanding performance, leading the economic recovery.

At the presentation ceremony, when the host asked about the operation of such a brand Tsingtao high value brands, and what kind of mentality, the Tsingtao Brewery Company president Sun Mingbo answer also reveals the world's seventh-largest beer commercial enterprises cultural characteristics, Sun Mingbo, president of "low-life, high-profile work," summed up. Tsingtao beer is now a low-key so the body's meticulous in quality, in operations on the solid sound; high-profile work embodied in the gritty, never give up the dream with passion achievements.

It is understood that, "Management of China" by China in the overall selection VLSI Three Realms have credibility and influence in business management and professional media, "Foreign Management" magazine launched by founder of the annual contribution to the selection of Chinese business management. Jury consisting of 14 top business schools domestic Dean experts. Selection consists of the total Chinese enterprise management "Outstanding Contribution Award", "Special Contribution Award", "Leadership Award" three of which "Award for outstanding contribution to Chinese enterprise management" require the enterprises to be 10 years of continuous growth is the major management category selection of the most influential media management awards. The establishment of the prize to set an example for Chinese enterprises to improve management of state enterprises in China and ability to give objects are in the field of management of Chinese enterprises made an outstanding contribution to enterprise.

The poll lasted 5 months, after "Chinese and foreign management" magazine readers and editorial board nomination questionnaire distribution and collection, the final stages of evaluation submitted to the expert group, Tsingtao rely on sound management, excellent management, financial crisis in the winter to achieve company performance bucked the market trend, the final candidates in the 92 well-known companies come to the fore, and China Merchants Bank and three other companies were in 2009 with the "China Award for outstanding contribution to enterprise management."

On the future economic situation, Sun Mingbo Forum held in the next, said "the financial crisis, China's global unique, outstanding, reflecting the institutional advantages. Currently, China is the manufacturing power to create power brand power transformation, we have confidence in China's future. "

Industry experts said the economic crisis had an impact on many companies, but such as Tsingtao Beer has excellent quality, influential brands to ensure that support from top management to do business with "to the crisis," the strength and ability the future is expected to continue to lead the industry.

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Liquor, or will mark the "marginalization of the times?"

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Home Business Internet Marketing – Use Social Media To Get Traffic

In your home business internet marketing efforts, there are many different methods that you can use for marketing your business. One of the methods that are becoming more popular every day is to use social media sites to drive traffic to your business. There are many different sites available that you can use but the one that you choose will depend on your marketing needs. So, you need to find a social media community that you can start getting involved in to build traffic and contacts for your business.

When looking for a social media community for marketing you want to take time to do your research about the different ones available. Some of the more popular social media sites as YouTube, MySpace and many others. You need to learn about the different sites that are available so that you can use the one that will help you the most with your home business internet marketing.

Now, when you find the social media community that you are going to use, you have to take time to learn how to use it effectively. You don't want to just go in and start using it right away without knowing anything about it because if you do this then you won't be using it as effectively as you could be.

So, take the time to find information about the social media sites and learn all you can. There are eBooks, reports, articles and many other ways to learn all you need to know about the different communities that you are going to be using. Don't rush through the learning process because you have to know as much as you can if you are going to be successful with this type of home business internet marketing.

You have to learn how you can use a social media community to drive traffic to your business; how to build business relationships that will help you make money, plus how to build new friendships, which can also help you make money. These are all very important things to learn and if you don't take the time to learn them then you will be wasting a lot of time trying to learn it without help that you could be using to effectively use the site for building your business.

So, remember that you need to learn all you can about the different social media sites before you use them. Use one social media community at a time and learn how to use it effectively to get traffic to your business before you add another one. This way you will be using it to your advantage.

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Online Marketing Courses That Can Make the Difference in Your Success

Does your online marketing skill make up for in enthusiasm what it lacks in knowledge and expertise? If this is the case, you're not giving your business every possible advantage. While it's true that in order to be success at your networking business you need to have passion for your product, you also need to know how to make the public aware of it and want to be a part of it. Online marketing courses are one of the most effective ways to help make this happen for you.

What's So Important About Online Marketing Courses?

You're probably remembering your days back in school and all the reading, tests and studying you had to do and how much you hated it. Does the prospect of taking more courses appeal to you any more now than it did then? Absolutely, because you know the importance of what you'll be learning in these online marketing courses and how they can help gain you a successful online business, a lifelong income and, possibly, fame. What more can you possibly ask for?

The importance of taking online marketing courses is that you can get help and guidance from those that know what they're talking about in areas where you may be lacking. If you're just starting your business, there are going to be plenty of areas where you'll need help. I know when I first started; I needed lots of help and guidance. There were not near the opportunities in online marketing courses available a few years back as there are today. You now have the opportunity to take online marketing courses that will teach you everything you need to know to run a successful online business from the ground up.

What Will Online Marketing Courses Cost?

A major concern for many individuals just starting their online business is keeping costs down as much as possible. This is the case with any business ventures. The less expenses you have, the more profit you'll make when your business does get off the ground and running strong. However, some expenses are unavoidable in business and the expense you'll incur for gaining the knowledge to start your business and make it successful will be invaluable to you down the road.

You'll be happy to hear that many online marketing courses are free on the web. It's just a matter of finding the right ones. Others, however, may be listed for a fee that's very affordable. When choosing your online marketing courses, you'll have your choice of individual courses, programs offering certificates in certain areas of study or complete course packages. If you online need help in a couple of topic such as SEO, email marketing or website hosting, you can easily get by with the specific individuals. If you feel you need all the help you can get, enrolling in complete online marketing courses may be the answer. Whatever area you feel you need the most help and guidance, you're sure to find online marketing courses to meet that need. The glorious internet has it all.

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Techniques for Online Marketing. Part. 1

The Benefits of Marketing Online

Marketing rules are the same no matter how big or small your business is: (1)brand your product, (2) determine who your target audience is, (3) get the sales, and (4) establish repeat customers. Online marketing is very effective in managing all four of these rules.



Online Marketing Defined: The definition of online marketing is: Placing your business or product on the internet for millions of users to access so that you can turn your website into a strong tool to maximize your sales and business potential. But online marketing is much more than putting your advertising online. Marketing online includes such areas as cummunicating with your customers, promoting your business or product online, and making sure that your website content is useful and up to date. The great thing about online marketing is that you don't need to have a huge budget to put together a marketing campaign that is effective. There are tools that you can use to make your marketing techniques easy and profitable, such as website templates, shopping cart templates and online marketing templates.

What You Need for Online Marketing to be Successful: There are some important points to consider before you get into the strategies and intricacies of online marketing. Communication - An important part of online marketing is how you respond to your customer's e-mail. You don't want to lose potential customers after you've made the effort to have them visit your site and then contact you for more information. E-mail is a very effective and cost efficient way for you to generate more sales. The key to this effectiveness is "consistency". You need to be consistent in your response to your customers. You'll also want to make sure that the tone of your e-mail corresponds with the tone you've set in your website content. Human Resources - If you're going to succeed online you need to have enough people working for you. Efficient websites incorporate a personal touch with a fast response time to customers. Your goal is to turn the visitors to your website into customers. The standard time for a return e-mail is from 48-72 hours. If you waint any longer you risk losing that customer. This means that if you don't have the man power to return e-mail in two to three days you need to take another look at your marketing strategy. Products people want to buy - Before you start marketing online you need to be sure that you have a product or service that people want to buy. Customers need to find a value in what you're selling. There are two motivating factors when it comes to selling online " cost and convenience". Ask yourself if customers will find it easier to buy online rather than finding a local store or another website. Is it cheaper for them to buy this from you online?



Online Goals: Once you've established that there is a need for your service or product you'll be ready to determine your business goal and wether or not you can meet this goal online. If your main goal is to sell a product online you should decide how you want to make those sales. For example, do you want customers to buy from you online or do you want them to come to you to close the sale? You'll need to decide what action is needed for the sale to be finalized. Small businesses need marketing efforts that are targeted and precise, without this you will be floating in the Online Ocean never to be rescued.

This is Part One of many chapters so to speak I will be covering about Online Marketing, each following article will cover another very important topic which will help you with your endeavor of conquering the internet,,

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