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Emerging Opportunities of Online Marketing

Differences between the conventional marketing and online marketing

During the nineties, the advertising sector experienced a dot com boom which was considered as the leading marketing mode available at that time. In ‘dot com,’ the advertisers have to pay for the duration an advertisement appears in the media, which is mainly a website. Unlike the conventional marketing, through online marketing, the business owners or the marketing groups have to pay only when the relevant ads appearing in the websites are clicked by the users. Thus, the advertising fund is utilized for finding the interested customers.

Feedback available in online marketing

The advertisers are able to calculate the number of clicks obtained for the ads listed in an online media. Hence, the advertisers can decide upon a refinement of the marketing strategy followed, when the desired results are not received. Online marketing is a result oriented marketing strategy unlike other forms of media advertisements. Thus, the money set aside for marketing and advertising will be utilized reasonably. Also, valuable information about the current market trends and the clients can be obtained through online advertising.

Different methods of online advertising

As the popularity of online marketing has been increased, various media are available now to stage this technique. These days, a good percentage of the promotion is carried out via ads placed on favorite and popular websites. Promotional emails about various products and services also contribute a significant factor towards online marketing. According to the recent trends of the online buyers, the customer reviews available at the website of the manufacturers are very much important for the buyer decisions.

Social Networking websites for online advertising

Many top networking websites and online communities are now the favorite advertising media for many marketing companies and business firms. Leading networking websites like MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Craigslist etc. are earning revenues through the online marketing. New experimentations are seen in the online promotion sector to keep in pace with the changing trends of customers. Online promotion carried out through social networks uses advertising model which are behaviorally targeted towards customers. The advertisers analyze the detailed profile available in the social networking sites and online communities for finding potential customers. Advertising through these types of marketing media, utilizes the ‘word-of-mouth’ recommendations and reviews available within a particular community.

Availability through search engines remains the best option of online marketing as most of the online buyers use popular search engines like Yahoo and Google. Online advertisers use many search engine optimization techniques to improve their ranking of search results. If you are able to master these techniques and are aware of the latest trends in the internet marketing, you will be able to succeed through online marketing.

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Internet Advertising: a Community Based Approach

To find out what makes advertising on the Internet far more “interesting” than any other type of advertising, let’s take a look at some of the underlying assumptions that go into traditional advertising, in order to see how our current mindset affects the way we communicate with our potential customers. Let begin by looking at the following important points:

1) A business will initially decide to disseminate some sort of promotional material to the public

2) They will either go directly to an advertiser (TV or Radio Station, Magazine, Newspaper etc) in order to place their ad, or

3) They will hire a firm to perform a market analysis, draw up a campaign and execute and run this campaign on their behalf

4) Finally, the advertisement is exposed to the market

This all makes a lot of sense and is exactly how businesses have reached their customers for hundreds of years now. The problem is it’s based on the assumption that the client is simply the recipient of the advert and can not participate or interact with said material. You know what’s coming next…

The Internet, of course, has changed everything and turned conventional marketing conventions on their heads! Or, has it? Actually, so inured in the standard way of doing things are we that we have simply transferred the advertising convention from traditional media to the Internet, without any regard for how we can utilize the unique opportunities that the World-wide Web provides.

The “unique” opportunities I am referring to in this instance arise from the fact that unlike television, for example, the Internet is fully inter-active. In other words, if I see an advert on TV, I can either buy the product or not, the advertiser has no way of telling whether I was sleeping through the ad, listening intently, or doing something else entirely. With the Internet, however, I can respond to the ad, endorse the product, sell it onwards, or affiliate with the company, buy the product, critique it, ignore it… whatever!

What’s more, using the Internet as a medium for advertising gives us the ability to accurately measure the impact and visibility of the advert. So how precisely are we using the Internet at present? The following list will show you the “slight” evolution in the way we do things. The main improvements over the old way of doing things really boil down to a few important points:

1) Increased ability to isolate target audience that is predisposed to buying certain products (i.e. Google Ads)

2) Enhanced ability to track advert coverage and exposure

3) Ability to engage customers interactively through forms and links

Advertising on the Internet obviously has some advantages that make it worthwhile for companies to divert marketing dollars online. It’s easy to say this because everyone knows that the Internet advertising industry is growing rapidly and already represents billions of dollars each year. But why does this method still fall short of the actual “potential” of the Internet as a medium for advertising?

The answer lies in the unique way the Internet has developed. People find the information they need, by and large, through search engines such as Yahoo and Google. As a result of this it has become important to feature highly on these search engines in order to maintain a certain level of visibility on the Internet. But, no one really knows exactly what makes a site rank number one because no one is privy to the exact algorithms that Yahoo and Google use to rank pages.

What we do know is that there are a variety of factors which are “important” if you wish to compete in the rankings stakes. One of the most important factors is linking – the more links you have coming into your site, the higher your perceived popularity. To stop everyone cheating, the search engines analyze the relation the linking sites have to each other and the perceived quality of all the sites involved. What this means is in order to fare well in the search engine rankings you need a plethora of high quality links coming into your Website.

Now, as many of you will appreciate, this is not an easy thing to accomplish. For many small businesses, just one link from a well know, popular site could make all the difference between success and failure. A site which has millions of visitors a month that links to small business could ostensibly send thousands of potential customers over to their linking partners – and thousands of customers visiting anyone’s site is a licence to print money (provided they pick up what you put down).

But, the catch is that big businesses are not inclined to just link to any old site – especially when they are charging thousands of dollars for people to place ads on their WebPages that link to their Websites. So how in the world does one go about obtaining high quality links from big Websites? The answer is:

You have to make your own big Website and have it link to you!

At this point, you may be growling something to the effect of “If I could build my own big Website, I wouldn’t be reading this article”. Well, I’ll admit that it probably isn’t too easy to build one by yourself, but you and five thousand other people in the same position could. All you would need is a central meeting point that you could all link to – this central meeting point would then have tens of thousands of incoming links from businesses all over the show. Ask anyone how highly ranked a site with say 5000 incoming links would be and I’m sure they would jump at the chance to link to it.

But where is there such a site? Well, to my knowledge there is only one – (along with its sister sites). lists adverts from customers who have to submit to a certain code of standards and encourages its advertisers to link back to them. In this way, as the number of customers grows, so the number of incoming links grow, and in turn the popularity of the site blooms.

As the popularity of the site increases, so does the visibility of the adverts because starts showing up in more and more searches. With the increased popularity in search ranking comes the inevitable increase in traffic, which in turns benefits the advertiser. So the cycle continues – more and more links from more and more advertisers means more and more traffic and everyone benefits.

Looking at how this affects the previous lists, we can see that in this case, the following points are important:

1) Customers use search engines to locate what they want

2) Search engines return the popular websites on their front pages

3) These popular websites are visited and recommend the businesses that are advertised

4) These businesses in turn are linked to the popular Website and refer their own customers to the Marquee, increasing the overall traffic of the community

This “tent or marquee” principle that relies on reciprocal linking from thousands of advertisers is going to revolutionize the way in which advertising is done because it works on a community basis. In other words, it builds up a community of advertisers who would otherwise be excluded from the Internet mainstream because of their lack of funds or size. is the Internet’s way of levelling the playing field between those large organizations with large budgets and those with more modest means.

In order to encourage participation in the Marquee, they offer up to $80 000 in refunds for their top clients as a way of rewarding those community members who evangelize the Website the most. Using a referral system, measures who has brought in the most money and at the end of the buying period (the site should be over 80% full) refunds them a set amount – regardless of whether they have spent $50 or $5000 in advertising on the site.

If you are not convinced then all I have to say is “Have a little faith – it will work if everyone acts together.”

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Online Home Business Article Marketing Tips

Article Marketing is a very powerful and highly effective method of marketing an online home business and the best part of all is that it can be totally free if you have the time to write your own articles and submit them yourself.

Whilst regularly and consistently submitting articles to as many Article Directories will certainly give you and your website a lot of exposure, other areas often overlooked are submitting directly to Ezines, Forums and Authority Sites.

Although some ezine publishers will search the Article Directories to find suitable material to publish in their ezines, others will have a link on their site inviting the submission of articles.

The many benefits of submitting articles directly to Ezines:

- You could include your name, your credentials, business name, website address and email address in the resource box which will brand not only your website, but your business and yourself.

- After submitting a few articles you will become known as an expert on the topics you write about, which will give you and your business extra credibility helping you compete against your competition.

- There is the chance that your article might also be placed on the publisher's home page. Can you imagine the extra exposure you will receive is they publish each issue on their home page?

- Some ezine publishers archive their ezine on their site offering people the opportunity to view back issues prior to making a decision to subscribe. This again will give you extra exposure.

- Getting your article published in an ezine is free and valuable advertising, which will allow you to spend your profits on other forms of advertising or you could for example buy advertisements in ezines that don’t publish your articles.

- If you have a natural flair for writing you may well find yourself receiving offers from people wanting to hire you to write articles or books. This is a great way to make extra income.

- Another benefit would be to give the ezine publishers permission to publish your articles in their free ebooks. Your advertising could multiply all over the internet from the information contained in your resource box.

- Some ezine publishers have a free content directory on their website allowing their visitors to republish articles which will give you added exposure. The great thing about article marketing is there is just no limit to where your articles will end up.

- By submitting articles directly to ezines you will gain people’s trust. They will not be as hesitant to buy your product or service if they read and like your article.

- By offering to run one of their articles in your ezine in exchange for having your article run in theirs, will guarantee more exposure for you.

Submitting Articles to Forums:

Some of the larger forums have an area where you can submit your articles and this can be very beneficial as members of the forum may also be ezine publishers and webmasters looking for content to publish in their ezines or on their websites.

Submitting Articles to Authority Sites:

Some of the authority sites also invite the submission of articles, and should your article be chosen for publication on these sites the exposure for you and your website will be vast.

Boost your Online Home Business:

Implementing these Online Home Business Article Marketing Tips as well as submitting your articles to the Article Directories will give you and your online home business wide ongoing exposure and your search engine rankings will receive a huge boost as you will be accumulating a lot of back links to your website from the anchor text in your resource box.

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How to Spot a Good Home Business Internet Marketing Opportunity

Do you know how to spot the right home business Internet marketing opportunity? Many people go on the Internet, but they really do not know what they are looking for and do not know how to tell if an opportunity is a good business or not.

There are a few things every legitimate and good home business, Internet marketing opportunity will contain. It is imperative that you make sure the business opportunity you choose has these things. There will also be a few things that you have to do. Here those things are:

One: It is very important that you choose the business opportunity that you can be passionate about. You will be able to motivate yourself to be a success if you are very passionate about your home business internet marketing opportunity.

Today you can find products to sell and business opportunities on almost any topic, so the chances of finding something you have a passion for are very good.

Two: You want to find a business opportunity that has residual income. This way you can have money coming in every month without having to work hard every time to make a sale.

Residual income is when you get paid over and over for making one sale. Website hosting, monthly subscriptions, and many other things are examples of this.

Three: The business opportunity needs to provide you with the necessary marketing tools and support you need to make your business successful for however long you need it.

Unless you are into graphics and banners then you need those when you get started. Along with this is ideas on places to promote.

Four: The opportunity needs to have long term focus that you can use to earn money for years into the future. It is important that your home business provide long-term security.

Five: The home business internet marketing opportunity that you start your internet business with needs to pay you good money. If you have to work extra hard to sell something you do not want to only get paid a small commission.

Always make sure your hard work will be rewarded before you start with any business opportunity. You should be able to make a good profit for the sales you make.

This is five things we feel every good home business internet marketing opportunity should have. If you keep these in mind when you are checking them out you stand a better chance of making a quality decision.

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