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Internet Marketing: Integrating Online and Offline Strategies

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This text provides comprehensive coverage of the field of Internet marketing that is timely and relevant. It relies on extant marketing theory where appropriate and introduces many conceptual frameworks to structure student understanding of Internet marketing issues. Above all, it works on the premise that the Internet-whether used as a medium of communication or as a channel of distribution-is only one component of the contemporary marketer's arsenal. The key issue... More >> Read the rest of this entry »

Statistics for Business & Economics

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For a one- or two-term course in business statistics. This best-selling introduction stresses the development of statistical thinking - the assessment of credibility and value of the inferences made from data - by both those who consume and those who produce the information. The authors emphasize inference; data collection and analysis are covered extensively, as needed, to evaluate the reported results of statistical studies and to make good business decisions. Num... More >> Read the rest of this entry »

Essentials of Business Law and the Legal Environment

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Discover complete coverage of business law and its environment in the non-technical, straightforward, student-friendly approach found in Mann/Roberts' ESSENTIALS OF BUSINESS AND THE LEGAL ENVIRONMENT, 10th. A variety of cases, carefully summarized by the authors and integrated throughout the text, clarify legal issues and explain court decisions with minimal legal jargon for maximum comprehension. This edition clearly covers all business law topics required for succ... More >> Read the rest of this entry »

Corporations and Other Business Organizations Cases and Materials, Ninth Edition

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In preparing this edition, Professor Eisenberg reworked all of the material to be carried over from the Eighth Edition and adding many new principal cases and text notes. All of the carried-over principal cases have been reviewed and, where appropriate, re-edited with the objective of tightening the cases to the maximum extent consistent with preserving a full-bodied presentation of the facts and the discussion.... More >> Read the rest of this entry »

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