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When a Summer Job Leads to Something Big

summer jobAt present taking classes alone has become mundane and the search is underway for a more hands on experience. There are certain limitations to what the classroom allows for and as a result the best possible option, it seems, is to work for a company during the time off from school. Summer has started and the perfect position is yours given that you continue to not slack off and give it better than best. Read the rest of this entry »

Data Entry Jobs

data entryWorking does indeed drive you to happiness. Employment at any level is a good thing because therein lies the way to self-sustain. But when you can't get the higher paying positions entry-level becomes more enticing. Data entry positions are available to those with and without computer skillsets, as there is training and this gives rise to the potential for growth. These jobs seem like starting from square one on the path to management, but since they can lead to other opportunities they should be highly regarded and well compensated. Read the rest of this entry »

The First Job

first jobYou've been employed before and you've gotten completely immersed in activities that warrant thorough experience for a better position. But this job is different from previous jobs in several ways. Here, you'll get to set your own work schedule at last. This matters to you because of other non-work related tasks on your agenda. To get the job you went through hoops and after the final interview the job offer came through. This was the best possible feeling, as you've attained a status that you've been trying to reach for some time. Read the rest of this entry »

Mapping Out a Game Plan for New Hires

new hiresAs a newly established firm looking to branch out into other areas, you've made a few changes to the usual new employee orientation. This is the result of prior experiences and the advice of friends. Orientation will start a little differently and will go on for a half day. The idea is to acclimate the new hires to company policy and methods of success. With training beginning the latter half of the day, you're eager to begin to share the game plan to get things started on the right foot. Read the rest of this entry »

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