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We will take a slightly different approach here

Most people discover the real facts about money, when it is too late for their knowledge to make much difference in their lives. The economy and the lack of spending, is something that will take its toll on the smaller coffee shops . Small nail salon owners must recognise that marketing planning is essential to achieving their companys full potential for success. It can be a problem when you arrive at your clients house at the scheduled date and time that youre supposed to clean it and the house is locked, and theres no one around. A hanging answer means they seem to like what you are offering, but theyre quite unsure. Employers with Cadillac plans must implement their plans starting in 2018 and are responsible for the excise tax calculations on these plans. Read the rest of this entry »

Opportunities for a Career in Event Management

Event management is a very dynamic industry that continues to grow with many jobs in demand for different functions and occasions. If you’re interested in a constantly exciting and stimulating job where no two days are the same, then a career in event management is what you need. Read on for information on the skills you need and duties to expect.

Studying an event management course is something you will need to pursue before you consider the different jobs the industry has to offer.

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Jobs Related to Commerce

There are sufficient scopes for commerce graduates in the present job scenario. Most of the companies hire fresh graduates after completion of their Bachelor of Commerce degree for marketing and sales related works. Commerce mainly involves foreign or local exchange of goods or services as trade. There are wide choices of careers including sales, finance and logistics that come under the category of commerce jobs. Education expectations, work specialties and professional requirements offer business students miscellaneous career options as they enter the workforce.

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Employee retention- The new imperative in the New Economy

The big story now hitting the employment market is employee retention. The New Economy is making outsourcers out of former employees, and the entire job market is changing. Employee surveys are being used regularly in the US as a “barometer” of pressures and influences on staff. The results aren’t always what businesses expect, either. The big issues for employers The new job market is changing so rapidly that keeping up with the options can be difficult. The New Economy is creating a very different dynamic to the old career progression. New graduates can go into business for themselves with an internship and a good professional portfolio, usually generated during the qualification years. Read the rest of this entry »

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