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Fair Business Practices

fair practicesSince the beginning of time and the advent of the business kingdom, certain business practices have been called upon to be investigated and changed. Centuries ago there was an industry for the slave trade and even now there is a high level of trafficking of human beings. With the near disappearance of companies indulging in the slave trade and modern day trafficking getting combatted by governments, it seems reasonable to say that although criminal practices get noticed they very rarely get eradicated entirely. Read the rest of this entry »

Cause and Effect Relationships

cause and effect relationships"He started it," said the co-worker who just sent a glass of water flying towards a more reserved employee. Yes, people resort to all forms of violence to make amends for the issues that they develop and over time this becomes the lifestyle of the firm. To prevent this from happening, action must be taken for the sake of gaining some semblance of correct behavior. As is known, things can escalate from the simple water toss to fists thrown to slaps passed to bullets flying. Horse playing has to be stopped and should be ridiculed by those in authority. Read the rest of this entry »

Corporate Failures

corporate failuresNot every best guess, decision, or practice is good enough to secure profits for an upstanding and well known firm. There are massive entities that have failed due to mistakes and, more often, bad decisions stemming from criminal activity in some form or another. Corporate greed does little for the company's reputation. It only reinforces the fact of corruption in the business world. This is seen best by the reality of deception and thievery in its many forms. Read the rest of this entry »

The Thoughts of a Workaholic

The Thoughts of a WorkaholicEnough is never enough. This is the motto of some who look to the job to be demanding with added expectations. These people are tried and true workaholics because they ask for extra work, look to help others, and do an all-around great job. They believe that no job is done right unless it's done by them. Some of this motivation is for personal advancement, but many times it's for the feeling of accomplishment. While there are different thought patterns, there is one thing that they hold in common and that is the need to exceed. Read the rest of this entry »

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