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Basic Points of Branding

Naming your business is considered as branding. It is not always related to naming a product, but it actually refers to naming everything associated with your business which extends to intellectual property and trademark. This is why; legal advice is required to protect your brand. If you are ready to start it, here are some basic points you have to consider in branding.

Everybody knows that brand names should be meaningful. It will be better if the brand name carries meaning related to the business so the customers can associated it with your business and service directly after seeing the brand. Put yourself on your customer’s shoes and see how they will think on their first look to your brand. For a better result, test the brand name with the target customers.

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Strategy for Business Management

Strategic management is not just a course that is taught in most business majors at many colleges. This is a method used by the entrepreneur or business owner to plan and execute its business success. Strategic management class include the conception and use of marketing, personnel arrangements, outsourcing, public awareness of social programs, and many other factors that are part of good business management.

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Reinventing the US- Shifting the paradigm to high work values

The 2008 crash caused a lot of soul searching among American experts, particularly economists. One famous academic was heard to say, “Everything I’ve been teaching, for all these years, was wrong.” A lot of businesses have also been re-assessing, and the state of the American job market is hardly a secret, with a new need for upgrading the domestic economy and career environment to meet the demand of competition and income requirements. Every form of employment market function, from leadership training to performance training and team building, is now under the microscope. Read the rest of this entry »

Cydcor on the Corporate Games

Corporate Games is a competition for company that has the 51 until 150 employees. This year is the 20th competition that is held on the Ventura city. There are 66 companies that come from the Ventura city and Santa Barbara that join the competition. The competition will take about 6 weeks and the competitor is divided into four divisions. It will end on 15th of May and the Harbor Cove Beach will be the closing place. The competition is very though this year and there are several companies that have the tight points in the same divisions. The Amgen is the defending champion of the competition is leading the Division A. The Division A is special because the division is for the companies that have the largest employers. In the second position with the 15 points is the Thousand Oak. Cydcor is one of the companies on the competition that win the basketball game. The company is one of the market leaders for the sales and uses the unique method in the business. The customer will be satisfied with the brand that the company offers. The company offers the different industries such as telecommunication. They also offer the internet connection, office product and the best merchant service. Cydcor is joined the A division but they still have small points to win the competition. Patagonia leads the division B with the 50 points because they can win the beach volleyball. In the second place is Proctor & Gamble with 29 points and in the third position is Monsanto. Cydcor win on the basketball will add a lot of point and become the turning point on the competition. They believe that they still have the chance to win the competition. There will be a lot of challenge on the competition but the company will enjoy the competition.

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