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Corporate Concierge

Corporate ConciergeFor those late nights working and days when the weather is too bad to navigate home there's the company concierge to do things for you. The concierge can go out and get lunch, have your car serviced, and can pick up your clothing from the cleaners. For a fee these and other services can be done to make life a little easier while working. Not every company offers these added benefits and using the service may be a bit pricey, but if the workload is great then this is doable. Read the rest of this entry »

Gifts for Employees

Gifts for EmployeesRewarding employees with something other than a bonus or incentive is normal. With top performers getting the job done well for the organization it seems crystal clear to come up with some way to show appreciation for the worker. This is neither a handout nor an illegal token. It's a sign of gratitude and in place to propel the employee to continue on in such a way that allows for the continued results. A gift for an employee is a sign of gratitude and a form of positive reinforcement. Read the rest of this entry »

Healthcare Concerns

Healthcare ConcernsHeart disease is the number one killer of women. This shattering truth foreshadows events as they may occur later for even the healthiest female. Eating right and exercising is best, but the chance for sickness still lingers because no one plan is perfect. Looking at heredity plays a part in this also. Dieting, if done improperly, can lead to health threats and scares as well. In sum, the totality of a healthy lifestyle is essential to know. Read the rest of this entry »

The Company Calendar

Keeping up with the company's affairs has been difficult until now. Using the company calendar to stay vigilant and having personal reminders helps to navigate the organization. This is a useful tool to maintain a presence and hold value to both team members and superiors. The company calendar can be used to find the next big event whether it's a meeting or a conference call. Some events may involve extended planning while still others require less preparation. Read the rest of this entry »

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