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Participate Now in The First Entrepreneurship Conference in Egypt by Career Development Foundation (CDF)

On behalf of the Career Development Foundation (CDF), we welcome the participants and delegates of the 1st CDF Conference on Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the city of Cairo in June 2010. We hope that our joint activity will inspire top quality scientific and professional collaboration in the promising area of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Career Development Foundation (CDF) is considered, one of the main players in entrepreneurial programs, youth Training & Education, environmental awareness, and information technology.

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“Thing To Make Money Online With Entrepreneurship And This?…”

Ever bin SLAPPED in the face by a 20 pound fish?

Me neither, but that's what it "kind of" felt like when I made THIS entrepreneurship mistake when I was learning to make money online, about 3 years ago in my own internet business.

But to help YOU "avoid the scales to the cheek", I wanted to share this VERY important lesson in entrepreneurship I've learned since then with you, so you don't have to get SMACKED in the face with a fish, like I did, so many years ago trying to make money online using the internet.

I'll be brief, but here's what I wanted to share with you below...

It's something we often times DON'T think about in entrepreneurship, making MORE money a month online, OR business in general.

More critical yet, it's arguably AS important as EVERYTHING ELSE when it comes to REALLY developing into a highly successful entrepreneur and business owner.

Read what I wrote below...

To become a better, faster, and STRONGER athlete, you must ALWAYS learn from, train with, and compete AGAINST athletes that are better, faster, and stronger than YOU!

And here's what that means for you to make money online...

I think most of us join this industry, this business, or WORSE yet, buy a brick and mortar franchise, because we want our lives to be EASIER in some way, shape, or form.

We just want our money problems to "go away", we just want our "job problems" to disappear, and we just want to LOVE our lives and what we do, instead of hating it like you might do every single day.

So we join up, sign up, and buy in, thinking that entrepreneurship, or just "becoming" an entrepreneur, is the solution we've been looking for.

And while it ACTUALLY IS the thing that WILL make all the above problems go away AND make money online, what I DON'T think most people sign up for is the PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT journey it takes, to actually BECOME a successful entrepreneur.

Don't make this mistake, because you are ABSOLUTELY in the business of being an entrepreneur, and a dam successful one too!

You either develop and grow as an entrepreneur, or you can pack your bags, go home, and go back to your job right now!

It's that serious, because you mite as well NOT waste your time if you're not 100% committed to this entrepreneurship journey to successfully learn how to make money online using the internet.


Because this AWESOME game of entrepreneurship allows you to EARN the type of income that YOU are waiting for on the other side of the coin, the side where FREEDOM exists.

Imagine for a second, if you were on that side, where you wake up each and everyday, and decide what YOU want to do that day.

It's quite a feeling, and that's why you ALWAYS have to learn from, train with, and compete AGAINST athletes or ENTREPRENEURS that are better than you!

Because unless you are literally learning from someone who is MUCH better than you are at this 'game' of entrepreneurship, especially if you want to SUCCESSFULLY make MORE money a month online, you're simply wasting your time.

If you want to succeed A LOT faster in life, and create your income goals at a MUCH quicker rate, then you have to LEARN from people who have already done it, and join the people who can actually SHOW YOU how.

And I'm not talking about some wishy-washy "theory" stuff here either, but actual EXPERIENTIAL knowledge, because in the end, it's honestly the only kind that will EVER make money online!

It's THIS thing I teach you more about in your free ebook Profitable Positioning. It's the guidance, insight, and POSITIONING methods that ALL successful entrepreneurs apply to make money online, effectively, every single day.

The potential IT has to truly make you MORE money a month online using the internet is ENORMOUS!

And to continue with more of it, just comment YOUR answer to THIS question below...

Talk soon,

-David Dallore

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Entrepreneurship is not for everyone

A well-developed and researched business plan is the key to any successful business but first a potential small business owner must evaluate if they possess the necessary characteristics to become an entrepreneur. Although the benefits of entrepreneurship maybe appealing, it is fair to say that entrepreneurship is not for everyone. According to the SBA in the US approximately 600,000 new businesses are started each year and out of that 600,000 half will close within five years of opening. It is imperative that potential small business owners evaluate if they are compatible with entrepreneurship in order to prevent from being part of the failure statistics.

The reason for many entrepreneurs' to enter small business varies but a lot of the reason is motivated from some sort of frustration with their current employer. Many potential small business owners are under the illusion that once they become an employer verses being an employee, it will somehow relinquish them from the long hours and hard work that came with being an employee. The fact of the matter is that entrepreneurs usually work longer hours than their employees and it may take years before they reap the benefits of entrepreneurship. Potential business owners who believe that all their problems will be lifted once they go into business for themselves are going into entrepreneurship blindly.  It is essential for potential small business owners to fully understand the transformation from a traditional job to entrepreneurship. This can be a major indicator for potential entrepreneurs if they should attempt to switch.

In order to make informed decisions, potential small business owners must thoroughly research the industry they plan to enter. This will allow potential small business owners the opportunity to fully understand what it means to be an entrepreneur and it gives them insight on what their responsibilities will be. Potential entrepreneurs must understand that as a small business owner you are responsible for the livelihood of your business and that most entrepreneurs start off running all aspects of the business from general office needs to sales. Having a realistic view of starting and running a small business will prepare potential small business owners and help them make an informed decision on if they should start.

It is important for potential small business owners to evaluate their strengths and weakness to see if they have what it takes to successfully run a small business. They should compare their assets to what it takes to successfully run a small business to get in-depth analysis on their compatibility with entrepreneurship. If potential small business owners have a complete understanding of their strengths and weakness it will help prepare them for the realism of starting a small business.

Knowing what business to start is great but knowing if starting a business at all is what most small business fails to consider. It is imperative for the success of the business and to help eliminate risk that potential small business owners thoroughly consider if starting a business is right for them.

(c) Copyright- Dawn Austin, writer/blogger of SmallBiz Stew. All rights reserved worldwide. Permission granted to reprint this article on your website without alteration if you include this copyright statement and leave the hyperlinks live and in place."

I am a professional independent writer who uses innovative ways to fulfill companies freelance writing needs. I specialize in small business start up and literature with over 10 years of experience and I still have a continuing quest to expand my small business knowledge and understanding.

My writings reflect innovative and engaging content that focuses on the company goals and direction. My freelance writing results not only reflects the company's objective but supersedes expectations by being detail orientated, timely and grammatically correct on all final products.

Entrepreneurship Certificates Help Create Future Leaders

We live in an increasingly changing business environment, one that requires more of business professionals than in past years. Gone are the good old days of a forty plus year career, the solid gold watch at retirement, and resumes depicting an over specified skill set. The future of business lies in the magic of entrepreneurship, the art of creative problem solving, solution-eering, if you will. And future business leaders are being asked not to just be worker bees, but to be self-starters, big thinkers and doers. In short, they are being asked to think and do in an entrepreneurial fashion, and ultimately, to provide solutions to a wide array of problems, business and otherwise. This demand has outgrown our traditional manner of training future business leaders on how to succeed in the world of business. We now exist in the age of entrepreneurship; and the entrepreneurship certificate has become almost a necessity for those who wish to get ahead.

An unforeseen side effect of this paradigm shift toward entrepreneurial thinking is that these young business professionals are emerging onto the scene with skill sets that transcend the business world, making these big thinkers an important asset to innovations not only in business, but also in the realm of social change. Entrepreneurship has proven over and over again to be an effective strategy in bringing about innovative solutions, building wealth, and creating change in every community it touches. And more and more, future business leaders are seeking to build these important skill sets by earning an entrepreneurship certificate as part of their education plan.

The skills learned can be applied in so many ways from a start up business to a more corporate environment; and employers are now looking for those who have the talent to think on a completely different level. Those looking to clock in at 9 and clock out at 5 are becoming far less appealing. Entrepreneurship certificate programs offer students the opportunity to develop skill sets that not only encompass traditional business related skills, but also focus on an individual's ability to use personal strengths and characteristics to create innovative solutions. The result of these programs is a new generation of business professionals who can identify complex problems, maximize available resources, and continually seek out new challenges in designing solutions to problems big and small. New hires no longer start at an entry level, but are expected to be team members capable of filling several functions.

With a fluctuating economy and increased globalization, we will always require an ever-changing approach to solving problems, seeking new opportunities, and preparing to face new challenges in both the business world and our society as a whole. When students choose this path, they position themselves to become a part of a movement that continues to gain momentum. Opportunity is never ending for those who choose to think in new ways.

As an author, Andi Beark often writes about issues affecting her friends and family. With the unemployment rate growing, taking control of your future is the only way to get ahead. CCU's entrepreneurship certificate teaches you business skills you can use at your current job or to start your own company. From nursing degrees to an accounting certificate, CCU is teaching the leaders of tomorrow.


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