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Why Entrepreneurship Is The Way To Wealth

Society has a way of convincing us that wealth arises from those that work hard and get a well paying job in some financial institution on Wall Street. While I do not dispute that you can get really wealthy managing other people's money as a fund manager or if you like to run an investment company like Warren Buffet, you can join in the fray. For the most of us, we just like to do our own thing and enjoy the freedom that exists in creating our own perception of a business.

Entrepreneurship therefore represents a leap into the unknown world and one of the most important means today of creating wealth while still retaining your own freedom. This concept of entrepreneurship is not new and existed many years ago when the founding fathers were still roaming the new world and carried with them this profound sense of adventure. Would you like to experience this kind of intensity and excitement in your life today? This article will highlight three ways to get started.

Firstly, decide if your current field is for you. Some people actually love their field of work but hate their job. If you fall into this category, then spend some time learning all you can about your business and then start brainstorming about possible alternatives related to your current industry. For example, many venture capitalist companies in the valley have amongst them experienced dot com CEOs that add their wealth of experience the deals that they do. Other stories include people who start selling their former company's items and later became large dealer wheelers who are big time traders.

Secondly, figure out how to get into the industry of your dreams. Assuming that you want to change career or profession, getting an MBA may be actually a good bet if you think you are the academic sort. Else, why not get a job in a related industry. For example, stories abound of accountants, lawyers who find jobs in fortune 500 companies and later become the CEOs of such companies.

Thirdly, "chicken hearted entrepreneurship" is a term that Michael Masterson in the Early to Rise Ezine advocates that I agree with. Get a job that will give you enough money to test your business ideas each month and test your market. The internet allows you to test various money making ideas and learn what actually works and can make you money. Focus your off work time on certain segments of your business daily and have unwavering faith.

In conclusion, making money via entrepreneurship is critical to generating wealth on an exponential basis. By all means get a job as that will be part of the process, but remember real wealth is obtained when your get equity in a business rather than remaining as a mere employee. Take action today to reach your wealth dreams! 2007 All Rights Reserved has articles on many topics such as the Secret of the Millionaire Mind. Achieve your financial destiny today and develop your millionaire mind.

Taking Things to the Next Level, Small Business and Entrepreneurship


Most of us will want to settle into our own Small business and entrepreneurship someday. With the global crisis the world is facing right now and with the decreasing number of jobs that companies offer, it is important that you have other source of income and your own Small business and entrepreneurship.

First thing to consider in creating your small business is what your passion is. Most people excel if what they do is their passion. When you love what you do, you will definitely excel on it. You will give your best to achieve the best result simply because you not just love your small business but you love what you do.

Set a budget for your Small business and entrepreneurship it will help a lot if you have a budget that you can work around. At least you know how much you can spend, what are the things that you can put into your business and your limitations as well.

Most businesses have established some type of web presence – whether it is a full service website or just a blog. You can generate traffic to your website and more clients for your small business by writing articles that are entertaining to prospective customers, provide needed information about a specific subject, and (most importantly) contain a means to reach your website or blog from the body of the article. The use of article marketing is growing by the day – and many businesses are finding that a well-written article submitted in the appropriate places on the Internet can provide a wealth of new clients for their small business.

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Learn Entrepreneurship Online

If you are willing to take some risks, are really fed up with living under a boss, and think that all the uncertainty with jobs need not be faced because there are plenty of other things to do then you just might be the next big entrepreneur because you are already thinking like one. Before your start typing your resignation letter you should consider going through some entrepreneurship course so that you know exactly what you need to do as one.

If you do not have enough time to enroll in a regular course then do not stress it. You can always join a distance-learning course and attend classes on the Internet. In other words, you can learn entrepreneurship online. Not only is this convenient but it is also a whole lot cheaper. Many accredited universities also offer online programs for working professionals.

Here are some of the programs that would be of interest to you. If you have an associates degree or a high school diploma then you can opt for this course that teaches things like marketing management, entrepreneurial finance, product development, business law, and so on. If you want you could go for a bachelor's degree course in Business Administration or Small Business and Entrepreneurship. If you are working full time then you should go for an Associate or Bachelor degree in Business Administration or Entrepreneurship that permits you to take classes on the Internet.

If you are already a graduate then you can also do your MBA (Master's of Business Administration) online. The MBA course will teach you how to analyze your business and develop the right strategies, how to write business plans, and also introduce you to several case studies of businesses and their marketing strategies.
Business communication is another vital aspect of entrepreneurship and you can get a Masters of Arts in Business Communication from many good online universities.

Online education through a virtual campus is slightly different than attending a college full time but for the most part it is a good experience. Your classroom is waiting for your 24 hours a day and you can just hook up to the Internet and continue your education when you find convenient. Some universities even include video options where you can chat with faculty and other students to make the whole thing more personal.

If you believe that you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur then should seriously consider taking one of the above courses to sharpen your skills with a bit of formal education before starting your business.

Steve Seah, a 42 year old Singaporean Chinese studying entrepreneurship. Wants to share his understanding about entrepreneurship and strategy of wealth creations with the world. Visit and/or

Entrepreneurship and the Business Environment

Everywhere you turn nowadays, you always hear about venturing into entrepreneurship. But what is entrepreneurship exactly? It is actually defined as the process wherein a group or an individual makes an effort to pursue opportunities to satisfy needs and wants through uniqueness and innovation. Some people have the misconception that entrepreneurs are gamblers in the sense that they take risks and invest in industries that have no record of success. However, the truth is, these entrepreneurs take calculated risks that have the potential to provide them with huge returns.

The key factors you need to remember about entrepreneurship are opportunities, innovation, and growth. An entrepreneur sees opportunities in environmental trends and changes that nobody has seen before and pursues this opportunity with whatever resources he has at hand. The second theme in entrepreneurship is innovation which involves transforming and revolutionizing existing products or services to cope up with the changing global environment. The third theme is growth; this involves the continual efforts of an entrepreneur to expand his business locally and internationally. An entrepreneur is on the constant look out on how to create new approaches to make his business grow and become a huge success.

These themes are the key factors which businesses are founded upon. The largest corporations you find today did not start out big, rather they started out as small enterprises by visionaries who want more than what is offered to them. You can see from the history of some of the most successful business today that the founders of these businesses have taken great leaps of faith and incredible amounts of risks in order to be what they are today. Wherever you turn, you see the results of entrepreneurship. But it is most obvious in internet commerce because this is a new industry. People that were unheard of before are becoming some of the riches names in the world and it is all because they have taken risks and have succeeded. So whether we realize it or not, it is the entrepreneurs who drive the global environment nowadays. They are the ones who are always seeking out opportunities and taking risks to improve our world and profit from it in return.

The business environment and even the technological advancements that are available today would not have been possible if these entrepreneurs did not come out of their comfort zone to invest in the development of these businesses. As you can see, having the entrepreneurial spirit is definitely necessary for businesses to reach greater heights and provide better and faster products and services to their clients. It is no wonder then that a lot of business enterprises are hiring young and dynamic individuals with a vision and who are not afraid to take calculated risks to ensure the survival of the business tomorrow.

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