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Tricks of the Trade- Buying Investment Property in a Falling Market

Buying investment property can be tricky enough in good times. Buying during a downturn can be a mixed blessing, too, but there are positive elements in this type of market that need to be understood. Readers should note that this is very much a real “due diligence” exercise, and you must have your facts straight about any intended purchase in this type of market. Don’t guess about anything, get your numbers right.

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Best Options for Buying an Investment Property- Buying off the plan

Looking at options for investment property purchases from a buyer’s perspective and benefits of buying off a plan. It’s tempting, when you see an investment property for sale, to dream of the possibilities. As a matter of fact, you can do a lot more than just dream, if you assess your investment options correctly and check out what you really can do. The truth is that there are very good investment properties on the market, but you must do the financial spadework and market research to positively identify the best purchases. Read the rest of this entry »

Five Benefits of Buying Your Own Home

Benefits of buying your own home include not having to rent, being able to decorate the way you want to and having your own privacy. There are considerable benefits to buying your own home, namely saving throwing money away on rent. When buying your own home their own a few steps you need to go through, as well as sorting out finances, you need to handle the legal aspects of having the title of the land transferred over to you. This is handled by a conveyancing company, although you can do this yourself but it is extremely complicated and you are better off paying the conveyancing fees to save the stress. Read the rest of this entry »

Five Things to Include in Your Contents Insurance

Things to include in your contents insurance include jewellery, entertainment and computer equipment, appliances and carpet. It is important when you take out home insurance to consider contents insurance as well. It would be difficult to replace all your furniture and belongings if you were to lose them in a house fire, because of flood damage or some other natural disaster. It would be costly and for most people would be something they simply couldn't afford to do. Contents insurance also covers your personal belongings against theft. When taking out contents insurance you need to include all items within your home of value, including furniture, computer equipment and jewellery. It can also cover removalists if they happen to damage furniture if you ever move. Read the rest of this entry »

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