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Dow Jones Appears to Increase

Dow Jones appears to increase, as well as the S & P 500 due to investors' views that the fading of the Chinese action to tame growth. In addition, the technical index in the short term this seems too low.

While the Nasdaq index closed lower end the increase for eight consecutive days because most technology sector stocks suffered profit taking action. The volume of transactions recorded approximately 7.32 billion shares traded on the New York Stock Exchange, American Stock Exchange and Nasdaq. Still far below the daily average this year of as much as 8.62 billion.

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Impacts of US Tax Problem

Just when almost everyone will get a tax deduction, a tax cuts to expire would force hundreds of thousands of workers to pay more for their daily expenses: round trip to work. Mass public transport users can save up to $ 1,000 per year under the federal tax cuts that will be deducted after 31 December. Unless Congress takes action, the savings they will cut almost in half. The blow was particularly painful because it will happen when the transportation costs go up in New York, Washington and other cities.

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Invest Money on Gold

If you want to invest your money, gold is probably the best investment for these days. The gold has the most stable price over several decades. It does not get affected by the world crises and also oil prices. The world worst recession cannot even force the price of gold to go down. This gold stability will continue for decades to go or even for centuries. The price of gold tends to rise from time to time and it makes huge profits if you buy gold now and sell it in the future. Read the rest of this entry »

Financial Software Forex – 3 Intelligent Reasons Why You Want a Robot Friend

Financial Software Forex

The development of financial software for Forex trading is what has made it possible for foreign exchange traders to make trades from home or work with their own computer. Most of this software can be obtained by opening an account with an online trading company. Here are just some reasons you should use financial software for Forex trading to help you show profits similar to those of the big players:

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