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The fall of Liberty Reserve: significance to the business world

Liberty Reserve has been one of the largest online payment processors for over a decade. It had grown in such popularity that it became one of the most trusted and noteworthy processors to be used by even financial brokers and other businesses. The major problem, however, was the authenticity of the company and the transparency of the transactions it carried out. Danger was lurking around this site for the last few months leading up to its closure towards the end of May, 2013. Read the rest of this entry »

Securing a Bank Loan for a Business

It's certain that the business will be taken to the next level in the near future. To this financial assistance is required to get the plan in motion. When a business applies to a bank for funding in the form of a loan the bank will want to know the cash flow of the entity. Banks view this from a historical perspective as well as viewing projected earnings. These things matter to a financial institution because they are in business to make money. Hence, the bank doesn't want to merely give away cash. In this respect they wouldn't make a dime. Read the rest of this entry »

The Rush to Penny Stocks

Investing is not lucrative all the time and the expense of the stock market can add up. However, investing in penny stocks instead of the usual expensive stocks does wonders for the budget. First, penny stocks are exactly what the name implies. These stocks cost pennies to purchase. They can be as low as one cent to several dollars. It's easy to build a small fortune using them as a tool to gain an additional income. Read the rest of this entry »

Great Tips for Trading Forex

Trading Forex is a great way to secure earnings; in fact, many good traders boast six figure profits from successful trading. Nevertheless, the general community of amateur traders complains of not being able to make profits, nor even sustain their equities. So, what makes the difference? There are a few key elements which serve as unwritten principles and determine your trade outcome. If we ignore the positive aspects of Forex and pay more attention to the prevention of downfalls, there would be less room for disappointments; after all, controlling the risk factors of failure only helps to boost success. Read the rest of this entry »

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