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Car Accidents on Your Property: Which Insurance to Use?

If you drive often, you will be surprised to know research shows that most accidents actually happen close to home, and you will be surprised to know the majority of those car and property accidents happen when approaching your home. Your home insurance will cover your home and property if something happens out of your control. If you get into an accident when entering your property, or even on your property, it is going to be considered your fault. What should you do?

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How to Manage a Director Penalty Notice from the Australian Taxation Office

If you’ve received a director penalty notice from the ATO, you need to know why the notice has been issued, and exactly what you can do about it. Many company directors react negatively to this notice, and don’t quite understand the issues involved. This is strictly a taxation issue, and there are multiple possibilities for both representation and dealing with the problems.

The basics of a director penalty notice

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Why Good Information Is the Heart and Soul of Property Investing

Everybody knows that the property market can be difficult to predict. Not everybody knows that good property investing is all about good quality information. The fact is that property investment is really a business operation. Like a business, how and where you source your information is the key to success. In the property market the difference between good information and bad information is a major quality control for your investments.

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Reasons Why You Should Invest in Property in Sydney Now

If you are looking to invest in property in Australia there are plenty of great places you can make a bit of money, though no city is as consistently lucrative as Sydney. This beautiful, diverse and vibrant city has long been the most desirable place to live in Australia, which is reflected in how much the population has increased over time. There are a lot of great opportunities for both new property owners as well as experienced investors to make money from buying real estate in Sydney, and the following are some of the reasons why now is a good time to do it.

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