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A comparative analysis of invoice factoring with accounts receivable funding

Factoring can be considered as a business tool for small organizations which provide them with a backhand and relief from the worries of gathering money to keep their work going. There are two basic methods to collect finances for your business. They are: factoring and accounts receivable funding. Though these two terms may sound synonymous but there are differences between them. That is why it is important to know about the gist of the process before opting for factoring services or any other such service.

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5 Credit Card Hints And Tips

Australians are in love with their credit cards and literally billions of dollars every year are slapped on the plastic. But failing to manage your credit card repayments or over-extending their use can lead to some harsh financial consequences. Be very wary of how you use them as well. Using a credit card to pay off other credit – whether it is cash loans or credit on a betting website where you backed a hot horse racing tip – is unwise. The interest rates applied to credit cards are much higher than other forms of credit. Here are some hints and tips to help you stay in control of your spending.

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4 Things to do with $200,000

After stringent saving and planning, the sale of a business venture, or perhaps a lucky inheritance, you may find yourself with a significant amount of money to do what you please with. This article will consider 4 of the options in front of you if you wake up tomorrow with $200,000 ready to spend, invest, or hide under your mattress.

1. Invest in Property

Whilst this is not the most exciting of options it is potentially the wisest by far. With a $200,000 pot of money it would be possible to gain access to a loan between $450,000 and $500,000 with ease. With this amount of money and some sensible research you would potentially be able to buy two investment properties and still have a proportion of your fund to place into a savings account should you need help with the mortgage repayments later on.

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Insurance For Dummies

In this day and age, you can insure almost anything. And if you’re new to the insurance world, it become a little confusing and overwhelming trying to work out what all the different types of insurances are. Do you need income insurance? Home insurance? Car insurance? Life Insurance? If you need some help deciphering the basics, this guide will help you out.

Home & Contents Insurance

Home & contents insurance is where you essentially insure your house and its ‘contents,’ meaning your furniture, electronics and other valuables, to compensate you should your home or its valuables become stolen or damaged (say if there’s a break in or a fire). Most places will offer home & contents insurance together, but you can get them separately if you wish.

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