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Bamboo flooring has good prospects

Bamboo flooring lack of publicity Market awareness low

Bamboo products are also more common in our lives, such as bamboo mat, bamboo cutting boards. Review Over the last decade, the development of bamboo flooring, bamboo flooring in China exuberant production, but in the country but in the eyes of consumers, bamboo flooring is still very strange.

Flooring exhibition in Shanghai in March last year, a lot of people are very surprised: bamboo can do on the floor, and even bamboo flooring imitation wood grain texture! A large village of bamboo flooring Xi'an dealer told reporters, many consumers of bamboo flooring is very strange, worried that the bamboo is easy to crack and deformation, so only out of curiosity for bamboo flooring really purchased willing to try few consumers bamboo flooring, still need businesses continue to guide and brand.

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Prices lead to controversy floor

When everyone is busy preparing for the New Year, flooring and other home building materials industry to the forgotten, many floor home brand began to receive notice of price increases, we knew it "off-season prices, peak season sales floor" has become a marketing strategy and other home industry. Recycled Wood plastic composite deck

New Year nearly flooring store desolate

From the National Bureau of Statistics recently released December 2012 total retail sales of social consumer goods data "point of view, flooring and other construction and decoration materials and furniture industry prices topped the list. Furniture, an increase of 32.4% year-on-year in December, an increase of 23.3%, construction and decoration materials. Reporters in Xicheng several floor home store to see, and the National Day, New Year's Day when the lively promotion here, stores are deserted, not a few customers. "At the end of the sales season, workers leave the public busy buy stocking, very few people come to see the floor." Of a flooring store salesman told reporters. It is understood that, because many manufacturers of flooring and other home workers holiday back home, even if the order, but also to years to billing, plus a production period of a month or two to really get on the floor to get three or four months.

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mineral potassium wash your system quite quickly

On the contrary, describe your actions or behavior, your own judge sternly said: "I am a failure", "I am fat and ugly", or "I am such a stupid idiot."Instead of describing your mistake, you will be on their own negative label.Identify yourself demanding process will never help self awareness or understanding.These statements may result in tremendous emotional fluctuations of the anger, frustration and low self-esteem. Read the rest of this entry »

Consumers choose to warm the floor

Winter season, the average family in preparation for the winter heating facilities. Flooring businesses clockwise launched a variety of ground-floor heating, but the enterprise consumer groups still doubt. In Korea more than 90% of urban households have installed floor heating, floor heating can be said is a very high penetration of home improvement options. But in China, to warm more considered a luxury of home - a few years ago, may only colder northern areas consumers to consider. However, with the rise to warm, the South also gradually became popular use warm. Read the rest of this entry »


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