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What Happens to Monopolies?

monopoliesWhen your firm is the most massive entity in the field there is reason to believe that competition is lacking. The argument is that with competition comes affordability through better prices. This is what we saw when Microsoft was attacked over a decade ago. This is also what we saw when Standard Oil was attacked using much the same method. These titans of industry were history makers and considered exceptional because they grew to mammoth proportions quickly. Read the rest of this entry »

The Pattern of Success

successPeople may wonder why and how you've made such a far climb in so little time given that the workforce is highly qualified and it's a competitive environment. There are, in fact, certain behavior patterns associated with not only getting the job done, but also experiencing advancements along the way. Fortunately, you've noted these practices and your work lifestyle is similar to a winner's habits. Read the rest of this entry »

Commanding a Certain Salary

salaryThe job is yours and you've been working it for some time. Eleven years have gone by and you've received compensation as well as promotions, but you want more. For reasons that seem obvious you request a raise. But this does not work immediately so the next step is to make alternate plans by looking for other employment. Finally, a new job has been secured and your demands are met when you first start the job. To command the six-figure salary that your work qualifies, your continued objective is to get the job done with speed and skill. Read the rest of this entry »

Surface Treatment Technology Application and Prospect of Baosteel

In recent years, focus on "reduce costs, protect the production," the center, Baosteel Branch research and development efforts to improve the life of spare parts cost reduction as the goal to promote the maintenance of surface treatment technology, and achieved good results in forging rings.

A laser surface modification technology

Laser surface modification since the 1980s is the rapid development of new technologies, carbon steel, alloy steel by laser surface modification treatment, the anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties of high-temperature oxidation are greatly improved. In recent years, laser surface modification technology in petroleum, chemical, power and other sectors of the rotor on the type of equipment to get a better application maintenance, combined with Baosteel Branch equipment maintenance, repair, the demand for laser surface hardening, laser cladding technology a useful attempt, and achieved good results.

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