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Lawyers in the Corporate World

Lawyers in the Corporate WorldIt's a common belief that lawyers can find work nearly anywhere, in any industry. Finding the right type or most compatible practice is, perhaps, a difficult thing to accomplish. Narrowing down the options is the hard part, that is, beyond the struggle of passing the bar. Once the decision has been made the lawyer enters the field and company with the intent of putting their best foot forward for each case. The decision to select a particular area can be reversed, but when there's personal satisfaction there more than likely will not be a change of heart. Read the rest of this entry »

Company Art Selections

Company Art SelectionsVan Gogh on any wall is eye catching enough, but when this artist or the like covers the walls of a business then it brings an air of class to the firm. Obviously, the paintings are copies, but a message is shared with these and other selections. While the Limbourg Brothers and other stylized artists will not be found in every office the selection says that someone cares about quality and has a particular demeanor. Read the rest of this entry »

Foreign markets: Integration

Beware Cultural Business differences
Foreign markets: IntegrationIn business it can often be that the case of trying to transpose the same business model to other subcultures or cultures. This can lead minor or multimillion losses. It can be a case of arrogance or simply an oversight on behalf of the business in question. As the world becomes more a global village, particularly with the exponential rise of information technology, cultures are increasingly merging. However significant differences can prove to be seriously problematic, even disastrous for business. Parochial business plans simply don’t translate in some circumstances. Even within regions of the same country. Read the rest of this entry »

Addressing Consumer Response

Addressing Consumer ResponseOne of the worse things that could have happened has and now the company is faced with a disgruntled customer who needs to be addressed. Yes, the product was delivered on time, but the design was wrong. And now the customer doesn't have any interest in returning again. This has to be stopped because it's one of the biggest accounts possessed. The only thing to do is remain calm and seek to make amends the right way. This entails taking the appropriate steps. Read the rest of this entry »

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