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The Classical Money Hiding Places

Everyone possessing a serious amount of money has at least once though about how to better hide it. Not all of us are brilliant bankers and economists and considering the current situation of the financial market it wouldn’t help much if we were. So if banks are bursting, and companies are going bankrupt, where is the most secure place to hold money. Most people prefer keeping money at home, under a watchful eye or even a security camera. Read the rest of this entry »

Why do you need to calculate a mortgage?

Prior to taking out a mortgage, it is essential that you are adequately equipped with your finances so that your home buying process is not reckless and impulsive. Whatever decision you take now will affect you till the time you don’t pay back your mortgage. So, calculate a mortgage loan payment in order to find out where you stand financially and how much you can afford. Your affordability and ability to repay your mortgage will also determine the size of the mortgage you can take out. You need to calculate a mortgage because you have to work out your finances accordingly. Taking out a mortgage means you will have a financial obligation to meet each month. Read the rest of this entry »

Cash rewards for good grades

Rewarding good behavior and exceptional grades has been a traditional practice of most parents and even some educational institutions. Psychologists heavily oppose this practice, believing it to undermine the importance of the learning process, decreasing the amount of joy from learning and a practice that leads to cheating Yet children continue to receive stuffed animals for learning the alphabet and serious cash prizes for advanced academic performances. Economists argue that reward programs allow children to strive for better academic performance and simultaneously financially support themselves or their families Read the rest of this entry »

Home Loans And Annual Percentage Rate

Annual Percentage Rate is an index used to compare home loans. It is a somewhat artificial rate that was designed to compare the true cost of home loans. Different banks calculate Annual Percentage Rate in different ways, so that comparing the rate of two loans does not actually show which home loan is cheaper. Lenders consider the following in calculating APR:- points of a home loan. - the interest paid between the loan closing date and the end of the month.- home loan processing fee and underwriting fees.- document preparation fee.- home loan private mortgage insurance. Read the rest of this entry »

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