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Tax Effective Business Options- How to Find the Tax Information You Need

You really have to wonder what sort of tax advice some businesses are getting, when you read the various gripes of the business community about taxation. In practice, there are plenty of good legitimate tax effective options for businesses; it’s really a matter of getting the right tax accountants to know how to take advantage of these opportunities. (Experts please excuse a somewhat simplified approach to this often highly technical matter, but the message has to be rammed home that there are always better tax options for business. It’s important to clarify the issues without getting tangled in legalisms and statutory jargon.) Read the rest of this entry »

The Requirements of Switching to VOIP Business Phone Systems

Switching to VOIP business systems is not like turning your company upside down as you install a mass of cables and machinery like it was when the PBX was introduced. It is very easy, and in most markets, it costs nothing.

VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) based business phone systems are increasing popular. It is getting to the point where if you don’t have VOIP, you cannot communicate with clients and suppliers in the way they are already used to. Video calling has fast become the norm. It is easy to think VOIP calling and video calling will cost your company a fortune. In actual fact, the switch over cost is minimal, any devices are normally included with the change without an upfront fee, and your communication costs will be greatly reduced as a result of using VOIP. It is practically impossible for VOIP to be costing you half of your current call costs, and you get video and a lot more services included. In this article, we look at the essentials needed in your office when switching over to VOIP communication services.

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Business Best Practice External IT Support and Backups

Deals with the issues of downtime, the demand for external IT support and backups on a business basis.

The days of the old internal IT department are going, fast. The new option, external IT management and outsourcing services, is putting an end to the days of IT staff trying to be everywhere at the same time and doing what they can with what they have. The fact is that technology has superseded this approach to IT management. The new outsourced IT services management approach is far more efficient, far cheaper, and infinitely more cost efficient at all levels.

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Nanopatterned Sapphire Boosts Green Emission

Corresponding author Christian Wetzel from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), NY, believes that his team's work can help the development of high efficacy LEDs covering the entire visible spectrum. This could culminate in efficient lighting with a very high colour quality. Switching from a planar substrate to one patterned with 250 nmwide circular holes increased light output and reduced the threading dislocation density.

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