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OPEC Decided to Maintain Its Oil Production Quota

At the meeting held yesterday in Quito, Ecuador, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) decided to maintain its oil production quota. As for oil production quota of 24.845 million barrels per day is just for 11 members. That number has never changed since December 2008. This policy is taken with consideration, the global economy has experienced modest recovery that will last with the change of oil prices. However, this thing is still unstable and ain’t obvious yet.

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Kinds of Gold That You Can Invest

If you want to invest something for your future, you can consider gold. And there are so many kinds of gold that you can invest. Here are the kinds:

1. Gold bullion Investors who invest in gold would choose gold bullion. Gold bullion is considered valid if its purity reached 22-24 carats. You can transact online through or contact phone number 021-299 80 900.

2. Gold deposits You may not want to store the physical gold in the house because of the risk of theft. For this reason, gold can be stored in safety box at a bank or another. Or if you see, this company provides gold transactions at once to save it.

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Nationalization for Bolivian Companies

EU senior officials said the Bolivian nationalization of the company have the right to do as long as they provide a fair compensation. Kenneth Bell, Head of EU Delegation to Bolivia, explain the nationalization is a sovereign right of the Bolivian government. This was said by Bell a week after Bolivian President controversially mastered four electricity companies. Two power generation companies are among the British and French companies.

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Invest Money on Gold

If you want to invest your money, gold is probably the best investment for these days. The gold has the most stable price over several decades. It does not get affected by the world crises and also oil prices. The world worst recession cannot even force the price of gold to go down. This gold stability will continue for decades to go or even for centuries. The price of gold tends to rise from time to time and it makes huge profits if you buy gold now and sell it in the future. Read the rest of this entry »

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