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Interesting Home Business Facts



Think you know everything there is to know about the home business world? You might be surprised. The myths of home businesses versus the home business facts can be quite the opposite of each other. If you are interested in learning a few fun and fascinating home business facts, we have got some that may surprise you. 




The Average Home Business Owner




If I were to ask you for a description of the average home business owner, what would you say? Most people think the average home business owner is twenty-five to thirty years old with little to no college education and making anywhere from thirty thousand a year to thirty million a year. Now let's take a look at what the average home business owner really is. 




According to studies, the average home business owner is definitely not twenty-five to thirty years old. In fact, the average home business owner is actually 43 years old. Quite a difference between the myth age and the real age, isn't it? As far as the average home business owner having little education, the same studies show that home business owners are actually highly educated on average with many having post-graduate degrees. As far as income goes, the spectrum is quite varied. However, the average home business makes approximately $60,000 per year.  




Oh, and if you have preconceived notions as to whether there are more male home business owners as opposed to female home business owners, you may be surprised to find out that the equation is actually close to fifty/fifty.  




Women, Kids and Home Businesses 




Many people think a woman starts a home business so she can stay at home with her children and others think there is no way a woman would start a home business if she had kids at home. Screaming kids and business-focused concentration do not exactly go hand in hand. So who is right? Actually, they are both right and they are both wrong. Studies have indicated that the percentage of mothers working from the home and mothers working outside of the home is pretty much equal. 




The Average Home Business




When most people think of the average home business, they think of a small business generating enough income to support a small family and many believe that while small businesses are very common, home businesses are the exception and not the rule.




If you believe there are just a few-hundred-thousand home businesses flourishing in the United States, you had better think twice. More than fifty percent of the small businesses in the United States are home-based businesses and there are actually about twenty-five million home-based businesses contributing to the United States economy. 




Another common myth is that a home business can generate an instant income. That just is not the case. Most home business owners are lucky if they can get out of the red in the first year or two. In fact, many home businesses fail within the first five years due to lack of revenue. However, if you plan properly and stick it out, there is nothing stopping you from becoming one of the home business success stories. 




Home Business Internet Growth 




There is a misconception running around that Internet-based home businesses have hit the glass ceiling of profit opportunities. According to many, the market is oversaturated and there are currently one-hundred businesses for every Internet need. This could not be further from the truth. 




The growth of the Internet is by no means at its ceiling. There are currently approximately one-billion Internet users worldwide. That total is expected to increase to two-billion users by the year 2015. That means there will be about one-billion new consumers hitting the Web in the next 7 years. That is quite a number of prospects to market to and by no means does that look like a glass ceiling. Hopefully, you have found these home business facts to be inspiring! 









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Five Interesting Ways to Market Your Home Business





When it comes to marketing your home business, you should definitely use the tried-and-true methods such as Internet advertising, newspaper advertising, yellow pages advertising and flyer advertising. However, there is absolutely no rule that says you can not utilize innovative and interesting marketing techniques to spread the word about what your home business has to offer. If you like the idea of marketing your home business using unique and interesting ideas, you will definitely want to read on.  




Everyone Loves Candy 




Personalized candy bar wrappers have become very popular ways of announcing marriages and births, why shouldn't they be used to advertise a home business? Everyone loves getting candy. If you wrap Hershey bars with personalized candy bar wrappers that advertise your home business and hand them out in front of a mall or another high-traffic area, word about our home business will certainly get out. This is an especially good idea if your home business involves catering, gift basket creation or other food-related products or services.  




Billboard Body Advertising 




Using temporary body tattoos to advertise your home business may be a great way to get the word out. Some home business owners have experienced great marketing success by renting "body space" from people and then putting temporary tattoos on them and having the person sign a contract to display the tattoo in public for a certain number of hours each week. If you want some "shock value" advertising, having your home business web address tattooed on someone's forehead is surefire way to get noticed. 




Get Media Attention




One of the best advertising methods is media attention. While it is not always easy to get the media to do a story about your home business, it is indeed possible. The first thing you need to do is create a buzz about your home business. If the product or service your home business offers is newsworthy, that should not be hard to do. However, most home business owners need to rely on more creative measures to get the buzz going about their home business. 




Some good ways to create a buzz about your home business include making a substantial gift to a charity, giving away a certain amount of the products or services offered by your home business, sponsoring a local contest or event, or holding a food drive for the homeless.  




Once you have something newsworthy to report about your home business, you need to get it to the media so they can cover the story. To do this, you will need a press release. You can either write the press release for your home business yourself or you can hire a writer to write the release for you. Once the press release has been created, you just need to submit it to the different media outlets and then give interviews to the news people who contact you. Make sure you plug your home business each and every time you give an interview. 




Sponsor a Local Little League Team 




If you live in an area where local businesses sponsor little league teams, you may want to think about getting in on the action. Little league sponsorship is surprisingly affordable and the kids will be wearing uniforms displaying the name of your home business for an entire season. That is quite a bit of exposure.  




Get Into the Movies




Getting movie theater advertising may be a lot easier and cheaper than you would think. In some areas, movie theaters rent out slide ad advertising. The theater rotates different slide ads for local businesses before the movie trailers and feature film begin. When people arrive early to a movie, they have nothing better to do than watch the ads rotating on the screen. If your ad is one of the ones they are looking at, it is going to draw a lot of attention for your home business.  




While you may think this form of advertising would cost thousands, many movie theaters offer this type of advertising for well under $100 a month. If you think about how many people see movies each and every day, you begin to realize how much exposure this type of advertising can give you.

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Is a Home Business Right for You?

Are you one of the many people who wake up and dread the daily drive to work? One of the thousands of people who dream of the day when they are not a slave to the alarm clock? Or are you tired of being in debt? Do you dream of a better house/new car?

Every time your boss tells You! that You! must give up Your! plans as some project must be completed, but he must go because he has promised to take his wife to some dinner party. You dream of the benefits of being the owner of your own home business.

Is this you?

Thousands imagine of what it would be like to own their very own successful business, financial Independence, and with that comes personal freedom, but few think of the sacrifices that have to be made in order to make the dream a reality, don`t let that be you.

Before you embark on any home business ownership, you need to ask yourself some important questions, but more importantly you need to be completely honest with your answers.

For a home business to work as with anything, you must be willing to put in time and effort. In this world there is no such thing as money for nothing. A home business will allow flexibility with your hours, provide you with more time with your family, and a virtually unlimited income potential, but you will earn only as much as the time and effort you put into it. A home business is a great choice for parents who want to stay at home, and earn money while their kids are at school. A home business can also be the ideal solution for somebody who works, but is looking to earn some extra money. Its up to you, "you" set your own agenda!

Have you the discipline to work contentedly on your own, at home, ignoring all the distractions the home as to offer. Don`t need others telling you what to do and when to do it, if so a home business could be perfect for you, enabling you to live the life you have always dreamt of.

The most important ingredient to succeeding when you start a home business is you! Have you the self motivation you will need to be able to push yourself especially when opportunities have not worked out. But with every new sale your enthusiasm will be reinforced, remember success breeds success, the opportunities are limitless.

The speed and level of success you reach will be mainly down to the time and effort that you devote to your new home business. Three key skills will come into play, your organisational, planning, and marketing skills, which everybody possesses to some degree, as your business develops, these skills will develop accordingly. Everybody suffers from setbacks time to time in their endeavours, even the most successful people still do, but they don`t dwell on them don`t you, just move on to your next success and you and your business will be much the stronger for the experience.

Now your the boss of your own home business, it will allow you the freedom to do many things that you would never have been permitted to do whilst working for that boss. Remember the time your baby was sick he would not let you have time off. You wanted to attend some event, again he would not grant you the time off. Now you own your own home business its not a problem, personal freedom is just one of the many great benefits of owning your own home business.

Owning your own home business means that you can take care of all your families requirements what ever they maybe. Your own home business will allow you and your loved ones the kind of lifestyle that you deserve. Remember at all times to stay positive and focused on your own home business, even if sales are not up to expectations, at times you may even hear negative comments from people you know, ignore their comments, these people just accept what life as given them, but you know you do not have to accept that, just stay positive and your home business will prove them all wrong and provide you with the lifestyle you use to dream about!

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Some Tips for Starting a Home Business

Are you considering to start a home business? Wondering where to start? There are so many different types of home business out there, you might be overwhelmed with the amount of information. Here are another tips on how you can get started in a home business that is right for you.


The first thing that you want to do is to figure out the reasons that you want to start a home based business. For example, are you concerned about the rising gas price? Well, if that is the reason why you are doing a home based business you want to stay away from the home businesses that make you do home parties.

Do What You Know

Another thing that you should do when you are choosing a home based business is choose one that you know about already. If you like to write, check out copywriting. Do you like to make crafts? Sell your crafts online. There are so many different types of home busineses, you will be surprised on the things you know well and can do.

Start Out Slowly

A third thing to remember when you are beginning a home business is that you should try out doing your home business part time. This is going to allow you to test the water, try it out, and not risking the fact you might not make enough money at first. Starting out a home business alone is stressful enough, not mentioning about the money aspect.

Be Smart

Another thing that you should remember is that you should always have a backup plan. Don't make your business depend on one client or one supplier, because you never know what could happen with them. Have a couple of clients, a couple of suppliers and make sure that you know that you are going to be able to keep going on no matter what.

Take Care of Yourself This sounds like a strange thing, but a lot of people when they are going into their home business sacrifice food or sleep in order to make money. Isn't the point of having a home business to have a better life, not to suffer? Make sure that you take care yourself, such as eat right and get enough sleep.

Take Time for Fun

The last thing to remember when you are going into a home business is that you have to take time for fun. Be sure to take time to play with you kids or go to a movie with your spouse. It be would defeating the purpose of having a home business if you have to give up the things that you love to do.

Starting a home business can be a great idea, but you have to be smart when you invest your time and money in it. Make sure to list the reasons that you want to work from home, you want to pick a home business that you know something about, it's wise to start out part time, and most importantly, take time for yourself, enjoy life and have fun.

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