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Pitfalls to Avoid With a Work at Home Business

You quit your day job and are ready to delve into an easy work at home business. It is a piece of cake to work at home and not have to deal with corporate rules or office politics, right? While working from home does give you a newfound sense of freedom and relieves you of problems associated with working for someone else, it too can be tricky. There are some pitfalls of owning your own business and working at home.

1. Poor budgeting skills. Budgeting for a home based business is difficult because there is no guarantee for income. You can’t pay bills and spend money from your business account hoping that next week or next months will bring in better results. Another common problem with budgeting is spending too much or not enough money on advertising. You have to strike a balance to get word out about your business and get more sales without breaking the bank.

2. Expecting overnight success. Some people are under the misconception that the minute their business goes live on the Internet that they will be swamped with business and the money will start flowing in immediately. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Work at home businesses take time to develop and grow. Steer clear of anyone who promises a get rich quick scheme or overnight success. These are just tactics to get you excited to sign up with them and make them more money.

3. Not researching enough. Some things need to be done before you can start a work at home business. Discovering your niche and finding out who your target audience is need top be researched. Knowing the demand for your product or services is also important. Strengthen your business from the get go by doing research in advance.

4. Poor choice of product. Choosing a product that is difficult to sell because there is no demand for it, a product that is of poor quality or one that makes very little profit can ruin a work at home business. The future of your business is dependant on your product and customer service. Your business will suffer if either of these is lacking.

5. Not having clearly set goals. Every business needs a game plan. You need a list of clear cut goals for your work at home business to map out your success. Winging it is not necessarily the best way to go as far as business practices.

6. Having trouble separating work and home life. It’s late, you need to put dinner on the table, get the kids to bed and finish the laundry. The only thing is you still have work to do. Finding balance between work and home life can be a challenge for work at home business owners.

7. Quitting your day job too soon. Quitting your day job before securing enough income from your home based business can prove to be a big mistake, especially if you depend on your job for health insurance, stock options, retirement benefits or other company perks.

The truth is that one third of small businesses fail within the first two years. You can avoid being a part of this statistic by being prepared and avoiding common pitfalls associated with work at home businesses.

Dominic Boykin is the owner of Work from Home Based Business and reviews popular home business ideas and opportunities. Dominic's favorite home business is the Plug-In Profit Site where you can get your own home business website setup to earn multiple streams of income within 24 hours. Click Work at Home Business to learn how to start your own home based business today!

Aspirations For An Original Work At Home Business?

What do you think are some of the more common things that people look for when they consider starting their own home business? Due to the failing economy and all the people that are being layed off more people than ever are looking to the internet to start a home business. So what do you think are some of the more popular work from home ideas that people look to when trying to start up their own business from within the walls of their own home?

One work from home business idea that is usually at the top of people's list is to get in on a franchise. Work from home business franchises are actually pretty popular and there are a lot of them that have been around for a while and have a pretty good reputation as home based franchises. For example you have Jani-Pro and Jani-King which if you can't tell by their names are janitorial cleaning services that are run by individuals in their homes. These services have become quite successful cleaning office buildings, exercise gyms, schools, department stores and malls. Imagine all  the places just in your town that probably use one of these home business franchises to clean their location or another service that is similar.

Another popular thing that has really taken off for home based business franchise is pet care or pet grooming. We adore our pets so much so that they are usually treated as part of the family. Unfortunately for a lot of us though we find that we have little time to give our pets the proper care that we know they deserve. So in those difficult times when your days are running short on time and your pet needs some TLC who do people call? Pet sitters, dog walkers, poop scooper's and mobile pet groomers these are all examples of home base business franchises that have vaulted to the top of popularity in just the last few years.

For those of you that are handy around the house either through your knowledge of plumbing, construction or painting skills a couple of popular services that are good start up home base business franchises are Mr. Handyman or Rooter-Man. Again these are services that appeal to people that have neither the time or energy to do these little things around the home.

I described just a few ideas all of which were easy to find online. A good site that most people who want to start their own work from home business is the site entrepreneur dot com. One of the best resources for work at home business ideas as well as a cool website to find out what work from home franchises are doing well and more importantly are legit. There are a lot more work at home business ideas listed at that site that I did not even touch on but think about all the people that really want to stay at home and really work from home?

That is where the online world comes in and all that it has to offer to people looking to work a home business. A couple of the more popular things that we tend to go for in the online world of work at home business is selling stuff on eBay, affiliate marketing or even blogging. These are all very popular in terms of people attempting to make a living off an online home based business. Probably your first question is how many of them are truly "successful" at working an online work at home business? This point is very debatable and depending on what you want to believe to you will get varying opinions on how successful a certain online work at home business can be. When you look at people that blog and say that they earn a living doing it all from the comfort of their own home. The odds are that they want to sell you something to be just as successful as they are writing blogs away from the comfort of their own homes. Most of the times those people are successful in their online home blogging because they are really good at selling products to you and people like you that promise to show you all you need to know about how they succeeded and how you can do it to.

Why does blogging for money from the comfort of your own home seem like such an appealing online home based business to so many people? I think because it comes down to cost and even though the majority of those home base franchise businesses that you just read about can be done from your house they still all cost a good amount of cash in start up cost. Where as a blog can be done by anyone from anywhere for free and it's not to hard to try something for free.

A couple of ideas for those of you thinking about a new start in your life with your very own home base business. Beginning a work at home business from home is not something to be considered with out some careful planning because a work from home base business is something that appeals to almost everyone at some point in their lives.

How to Choose the Best Home Business for You

Whether you are looking at starting a home business because you are looking for a great way to supplement your income or simply because you are ready to take a step back from the nine to five grind - you're tired of working for someone else, tired of the commute, tired of not seeing your hard work pay off for you - you owe it to yourself to look at a variety of home business opportunities. After all, when you're ready to start a home business, you need to be sure that you're choosing the best home business for you.

What does it take to choose the best home business for your personality? How can you be sure that the home business ideas that you've had will prove to be profitable? How can you tell whether the home business opportunities that you are considering are really opportunities and not just cleverly disguised scams?

Choosing the best home business means taking a close look at yourself. Choosing the best home business ideas for you means taking the time to really look at what you are interested in, what you do particularly well and what you can see yourself making a commitment to.

For example, if you love to travel, you might be looking for home business opportunities that will allow you to see the world. While that may seem like a good idea, it's important to look at the big picture. First, there is a lot of competition and, while most people do look to the internet for their travel needs, you will need to focus on building your reputation.

Further, simply beginning a travel home business will not ensure that you get to be the one who is doing most of the traveling. Because of this, home business opportunities in travel may not be as satisfying for you as you might hope that they would be.

On the other hand, if you are looking at home business ideas and have a great deal of experience in administrative positions, you might find that beginning a home business as a virtual assistant can be quite lucrative and enjoyable. Similarly, if you have held a number of accounting positions and enjoy the work but want to start working for yourself rather than a major company, you're likely to find that there are great home business opportunities for those who can provide accounting services to small businesses and other home businesses.

Of course, finding home business opportunities do entail looking at more than simply what you are good at, what you are interested in and what you hope to accomplish. Choosing the right home business also means taking into consideration how much time you have to commit to the business, how much space you have in your home and whether or not you will need to invest in additional training and equipment.

If you find that you have a room in your home that can easily be converted into a home office, you are likely to find that you are in a better position to pursue home based opportunities that require a dedicated work space than someone who can only commit a corner of his or her dining room table.

Likewise, if you know that you are only able to commit a couple of hours a day to starting a home business, you are going to want to look for home business opportunities that will not require a full time commitment - at least initially. Knowing whether or not you will need additional training - to return to the example of creating a home business with accounting, if you have no experience or degree in a related field you are less likely to do well in an accounting home business - should also affect your decision.

That's not to say that if you have an interest in providing accounting services or even tax services that it is not viable as a home business if you do not have the training. It's merely to point out that, if you are looking for home business opportunities that you can take advantage of immediately, it may not be the best choice. On the other hand, if you are looking for home business ideas that you are willing to work toward, there's nothing to say that you must rule it out.

Ultimately, there are nearly as many home business ideas as there are individuals who are interested in pursuing home business opportunities. If you are looking to start a home business, focus on your interests and experience. Do some research and, if it's possible, talk with other home business owners to learn more about how they made the decision to pursue home business opportunities.

Focus on your strengths and weaknesses. Pursue the home business ideas that you have - if only by researching them to see whether or not they really are great opportunities. By taking the time to understand yourself and the home business opportunities that appeal to you, you will find that it is far easier to choose the home business that will be ideal for you.

Seppo Lamsa is owner of and writes on a variety of subjects. To learn more about this topic Seppo recommends you visit:

Computer Work From Home Businesses

If you want to use your computer to work from home their are many businesses out there that allow you to do so.  The problem is which business opportunity is best for you and how can you avoid the scams ?

If you start to look through the working from home jobs available you will indeed be spoilt for choice.  They all tend to be pretty much the same thing ie MLM or Pyramid schemes.  You join a scheme and pay a fee and then you try to get others to join and pay the same fee making you a commission and also the person who recruited you gets a commission too.

These are not scams at all as they are completely legitimate work from home jobs.  The companies offer a product for that fee.  It just so happens that most of the people who join these work from home business opportunities are not interested in the product but only the opportunity to make money.

Of course with such online jobs you only get paid for your results.  If you spend 100 hours marketing and no one signs up you won't get paid anything.  Whereas the guy who only spends 1 hour marketing and happens to be lucky enough to get a signup will make a commission.

Not too many people like the idea of working for nothing but when it comes to computer work from home businesses you must be willing to risk your time and try out a few business opportunities before you stumble upon one that works for you.

I tried a lot of these online opportunities and found them all to pretty much be the same.  Someone recruited me, I recruited a few others but then those ones that I recruited were unable to replicate the process and they dropped out after 1 or 2 months.  So in the end I dropped out too as it didn't seem like a very stable business opportunity.

Off all the opporunities I tried only Work for $3 has actually made me money.  Not a lot mind you, but I tried about 10 different online schemes and this was the easiest and most profitable.

The most interesting experiment was with Teamwork Revolution Power System TWRPS.  It was a 2x8 matrix which gave promising potential for spillover.  In the beginning it was exploding like crazy.  However when it started it was free to join.  Reality hit when paytime came and less than 10% of the early registrants actually paid and stuck with the program.  Since then people have been dropping out quicker than they have been signing out so in the end it was yet another let down.

Work for $3 however was a simple one time payment of $3 and it doesn't have anyone dropping out as you never need to pay again and therefore no need to drop out.

So I will just stick with the simple $3 program and continue to promote it as a hobby and who knows, 6 months or a year from now I could be making $1000s per month from it.

The Author has been an entrepreneur since he started his first business at the age of 17 buying and selling computers out of his house. Ever since then he has always dabbled in various businesses of one sort or another. The results of his various Working From Home Jobs experiments can be read on his Computer Work From Home blog. In the blog you can read which other Online Business Opportunities have succeeded, which have failed and which were scams.


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