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Credit Crunch Affecting Small Business Lending Leads Small Business Failure

According to statistics, more than half of America is employed by small business owners and these owners rely on credit. Not just credit to expand business or purchase a new cash register, but credit in order to make payroll. Now that tough financial times are here, banks are not as giving as they once were. Banks are changing their standards on <a rel="nofollow" onclick="javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/outgoing/article_exit_link']);" href=>small business lending</a> , making it hard and at times impossible for small businesses to get financing.

A Majority of Banks Are Changing Their Small Business Lending Standards

Most small businesses agree that even in the last 6 months they have felt the affects of the credit crisis. The problem is the domino affect of this crisis: since banks don't have money to lend, small businesses cannot borrow money to expand, pay bills or payroll- which then affects employees of small businesses.

Franchises of larger businesses are also feeling the pinch.

Rescuing Starts at the Top No Immediate Assistance for Small Businesses

Since the government is concerned with helping the big players first, small businesses can't get the immediate help they need. The government can't realistically help out every small business in the ways they are assisting big businesses right away. Time is money of course and small businesses lose more than larger businesses every day that they can't get financial assistance.

Without Small Business Lending , Small Businesses Make Sacrifices

Because there isn't the normal financial cushion helping businesses have a little wiggle room, all expenses must be taken into consideration. This may include cutting big expenses in a small company. This sadly, may include:

EmployeesHealth Insurance Moving Full Time Employees To Part Time Positions Cutting bonuses or severance pay

If you are like many, who wanted to start their own business and haven't yet, it may be wise to hold out. Taken into the consideration that 98% of all brand new start up businesses fail, you may just want to hold onto that money a bit longer, until things sort them selves out. Otherwise, if you are ready to take the plunge and nothing is going to hold you back, take your friend's advice, listen to other small business owners and seek out investors that you trust. Looking for small investors over banks me be intimidating, but the investor may see the potential that other banks who are skittish already may not.

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How Small Businesses Offer You a Great Money Making Business Opportunity

As the Internet continues to evolve it is presenting tremendous opportunities for the average person to make money. One opportunity that is not being totally capitalized on is the small business sector. Here are a few reasons why we think small businesses offer you a tremendous money making business opportunity if you will learn how to do it correctly.

It is somewhat astounding that many small businesses today still do not have a website of their own. They continue to operate in the old fashion way. This would include having an ad in the Yellow Pages, doing weekly advertising in their local newspaper, and relying on word of mouth for new business.

Even in rural areas people are becoming more accustomed to using the Internet to find what they need. Every small business that does not have an online presence is missing out on potential new customers.

Another fact is that small businesses who do have a website on the Internet are not marketing it in any way. There are several reasons for this including the fact that most small business owners have no idea how to market a business online.

This presents a tremendous money making business opportunity for a person who wants to develop it. You can start by contacting small businesses right in the very area where you live.

If they do not have a website offered to build one for them. If you are concerned that you do not have the skill to build it yourself, relax because you can outsource all of the work.

There are people all around the world who are willing to do things that you may not know how to do yourself. You can hire these people at websites such as and pay them to build a website for your customer.

Your job is to find out what the customer wants, and then make the sale. Small business people are willing to pay as long as they see a value and trust the person that they are dealing with.

Another way you can make money with small businesses is to offer to market their business on the Internet. One way you can do this is to offer article marketing as a way to develop their online presence.

If you do not like to write articles, again you can outsource this by hiring an article writer. You can even develop a keyword list that is relevant to the type of small business that you are dealing with.

In summary these are a couple of ways that small businesses offer you a great money making business opportunity. You are only limited by your imagination and drive to go out and do it.

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New Discovery for Small Businesses

Good News for Small Businesses

An exciting new media service has recently launched, Jazel design. This web design company truly is different from the rest as it specialises in web design for small businesses. Their mission is plain and simple; they want to help small businesses grow by getting them online.

With the growing concerns over the credit crunch and the main government attention going to the big players in the world of commerce, it is essential that all small businesses support each other to survive this economic gloom. For those who acknowledge the impact the economic downturn can have Jazel Design may be the answer. They can take your business online and open up new business channels for you.

Traditional web design agencies have catered for all organisations large and small; however this web design agency understands that the requirements of a small business are substantially different from the requirements of a large organisation. With this in mind they provide a tailored service which accounts for small businesses budgets too.

Offering brochure sites at discount prices Jazel Design also offers services such as Flash animations to set your websites apart as well as blogging software for the more ambitious business owner.

If one requires a logo for their new website or offline business, Jazel design can do that too.

Jazel Design is an expert web design company specialising in effective web design for small businesses. Contact today for your free affordable custom quote.

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Facts About Small Businesses in Ireland During 2008

This report presents a comprehensive picture of the contribution of small enterprises in Ireland. The report contains data on the contribution of small businesses in industry, services and construction, as well as statistics on the labor, the knowledge-based economy and workforce. It also includes international comparisons.

In the report, a small business is defined as an enterprise which employs fewer than 50 people. Statistics on medium (50-249 persons) and large enterprises (250 or more people) are included for comparison.

Highlights of the report are:

Industry: Production and employment dominated by medium and large enterprises

* In 2005, four of the five industrial companies (81%) were small businesses with fewer than 50 employees. This company employs 50,000 people, slightly more than one fifth of total industrial employment. * The larger companies (50 or more persons) employed 181,100 people in 2005 and generated 93% of the total turnover in the industry. * The vast majority of small industrial firms were Irish owned (95%). Nearly 42% of larger companies are foreign-owned.

Services: More than 380,000 employees of small businesses in the service sector

* In the service sector, almost all companies (98%) were small. There were 82,100 small businesses, employing over 380,000 people in the service sector in 2005. That was more than half of total employment in this sector. * Small businesses account for nearly half (49%) of total turnover in the services sector, and generates a turnover of nearly ? 81.6bn in 2005. * Nearly half of small businesses in the service sector are the property of the family (47%). The vast majority of these family businesses employed fewer than 10 people.

Construction: Small businesses occupied two thirds of all people who work in construction

* According to the Quarterly National Household Survey, there were 253,200 employed in construction in the fourth quarter of 2005. Of these, 211,000 have indicated that they worked in small businesses (fewer than 50 employees), while 24,500 have indicated that they worked in large enterprises (50 or more employees). A further 17,600 not specify the number of employees to their jobs.

* Among the 253,200 people employed in the construction industry, more than 65% worked for very small concerns employing less tha ten people.

Salaries and wages: 54% of private sector employees in small firms earned between ? 10 - ? 20 per hour in 2006

* The average hourly wage in small businesses were ? 15.22 in 2006 compared to ? 19.38 in companies with 50 or more workers in 2006.

* The average annual salary for employees in a small business amounted to ? 32,453 in 2006. The average wage in large enterprises was ? 44,794 per year.

Knowledge-based economy: the larger companies have shown higher levels of e-government activities

* Small businesses generally not more modern information and communication technology than larger companies.

* Almost all companies with 10 or more employees were connected to the Internet that two-thirds of businesses with fewer than 10 employees to use the Internet.

Size of work: almost 56% of employment in small workplaces

* In all areas, 56% of jobs in workplaces where fewer than 50 persons were employed in the second quarter of 2007. A total of 1175800 people worked in small workplaces. Of these, 839,300 were employees, 216,600 are self-employed and 107,900 are self-employed with employees. These figures include agriculture and the public sector and the economy.

* Among the 316,300 non-Irish nationals in employment in the second quarter of 2007, less than half (47%) worked in small workplaces.

EU comparison, the value added in small construction firms in Ireland was three times the EU average in 2005

* Almost three-quarters of production in Ireland turnover was generated by large companies, while the EU average was 60%.

* In 2005, Ireland is recorded but the gross value added per employee of ? 51,600 in the distribution of services. The EU average was ? 33,000 per employee. * The gross value added per employee in the construction industry in Ireland was significantly higher than the EU average for all types of employment dimension.

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