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Improving Self-motivation

At one time or another we all have felt frustrated with ourselves. Everyone has dreams they would like to come true, but sometimes it seems like the problem is more inside of us, in motivating our self to follow through with exercise, saving money, breaking a habit, becoming happier or whatever we are trying to do.

One size does not fit all when it comes to motivation. Each of us is motivated in a way unique to us. Success happens often when we know ourselves well enough that we know what to do to keep ourselves on track with our motivation and what potential hazards to avoid.
Improving our success and getting un-stuck can happen quickly if we observe our daily habits, thoughts, and moods, and how they relate to our success. To begin now choose three things to observe about yourself in relation to your achieving your goals. What we eat, whether we talk to people who are positive or negative, changes in scenery, and being in a class, job, or group that encourages a certain kind of behavior are some common things that affect our motivation.

The way we talk to ourselves also greatly affects our accomplishment of anything, and replacing just one common negative thought with a more positive one can make a huge difference. We might start saying, "I can!" every time we catch ourselves thinking "I can't." Or we might try to focus on what is fun about exercise or work, for instance, instead of always focusing on what we don't like about it.

After we have determined even one thing that improves our motivation, we can begin supporting ourselves better. The same thing goes for learning what kinds of things precede our slacking off on our goals. Each time we go off our diet, feel more depressed, get snappish with friends, or whatever behavior we wish to change, we can reflect back at what happened before our behavior. Writing these things down will soon reveal to us a pattern we may wish to avoid.

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How Daily Inspiration Can Help Your Self Motivation

Are you lacking the motivation to meet your goals? Don't get discouraged. Many people feel this way. The biggest problem with motivation is people have to feel inspired to go out and find motivation.

It could also be that they are waiting for something magical to happen which will make them instantly inspired. Unfortunately, no such thing is likely to happen, unless you are living in a fantasy world or in a movie set.

Using Trivial Objects as Sources of Inspiration

Inspiration is just a matter of looking around. There is inspiration everywhere. To help with being inspired and motivated you need to make you workplace a little more comfortable. Remove all the clutter.

Surround yourself with your necessities. So they are easily found when your needing them most. You don't want to lose focus looking for things you need. Also you will need to be comfortable. Any sort of discomfort will cause lack of focus to the task at hand.

It is quite interesting to see how your attitude towards work can be influenced by the type of surroundings you are constantly immersed in.

Just having a clean, and organized work space not only makes you more productive but motivates you as well. This makes it easier for you to work to your fullest extend.

Common Things That Bring Motivation

While practically anything in the world can potentially be a source of motivation or inspiration, you will have to discover what makes you inspired personally. Motivational factors are very different for each individual, which is why things that inspire your colleagues may be totally meaningless for you.

The idea is to identify for yourself where you can draw your inspiration from. This can be anything from a loved one, or a nice place you've been to, or even your favorite dessert.

An effective tip to keep the motivation flowing is to give yourself small prizes each time you accomplish a pre-determined goal. This technique has been proven to work regardless of what kind of goal you are aiming for.

Digital Sources of Inspiration

Most people today work or play from a computer and because of that should use a computer to motivate themselves. You could put a motivation wall paper or even a program that sends you subconscious and positive messages. Either way will work just fine.

The Internet is also an excellent source of inspirational sayings and quotes. All you have to do is make a quick search and you will see tons of quotes on every topic under the sun.

Finally, you can also be inspired by taking any object, place, person or event and identifying the positive qualities that you find in it.

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Are You Lacking The Self Motivation To Accomplish Your Dreams?

Are you having a hard time getting things done? Is your daily to do list getting larger because of your lack of motivation?

If so, you are definitely not alone. Millions of people fail to accomplish all the tasks they need to do at work and at home precisely because they are not adequately motivated. Fortunately, there are several ways to remedy this situation.

Where to Find the Right Motivation

There are some people who are easily motivated by the most mundane things, and there are others who find it hard to get inspired even after joining special motivational classes. The important thing is to never give up.

The number 1 way to find a little motivation is to model a successful person in your life. Talk to them, hang out with them, and model them as closely as possible. However, don't copy them.

Incorporate your own personality and style into what they do. Surround yourself with positive people and you know the old saying, "You are who your friends are." That saying is completely true. You pick up on their habits and attitude towards life.

Another way to keep motivated is to provide your body with adequate amounts of sleep and relaxation.

Constant tiredness inevitably leads to stress, and if you are stressed out, you will more likely be focusing on negative aspects of life and it would be very difficult to redirect your attention to positive motivational factors.

To avoid these situations, you should make sure that you get at least 8 hours of sleep every night and avoid exerting yourself during the day.

Some types of jobs or work environments are naturally more stressful than others, and if you are employed in such positions, it would do you a lot of good if you can take regular breaks during the day.

These breaks don't have to be anything major. Spending five minutes on the phone with a friend or simply taking 10 deep breaths are usually enough to rejuvenate you and keep you going until your next break.

It's easier to focus on the task at hand if you are not surrounded with clutter and distractions. So an easy way to handle this situation is to organize your workspace. The less clutter the more work can be focused on. The less stress will present itself.

If you are already lacking motivation and focus then a great way to jump start your subconscious is by reciting a few positive affirmations. Especially during times of great stress.

Some examples of motivational affirmations are statements like "I am capable of focusing my energies on living the best life for me" and "I am smart and strong. My mind and body are my instruments towards achieving my goals."

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Self Fulfilment Comes With Self Motivation

To some people, brushing their teeth in the morning is a part of life and is an essential necessity that is done automatically, to other, brushing their teeth is a chore and the only reason it is done is to avoid the possible outcome of a cavity that will not be pleasant at all. In this case their motivation is the simple fact that this so-called tedious chore can lead to a more unpleasant outcome if it is not done now, however the other half does not see it as a chore at all and as such they do not need motivation to do it.

In that same sense, many people live by the "it could be worse" philosophy and those persons tend to not need much to be motivated. When they suffer a minor or even major set back, they tend to think of how bad it could have really gotten and choose instead to focus on what is left and try to rebuild from that. I guess you can say that they also fall into the "glass is half full" crowd. But the simple fact is that if you dwell on the worse part of the ordeal, you will quickly become de-motivated and depressed and will therefore prefer to give up than start again.

Another great saying that governs the life of most motivated people is the one that claims that all things happen for a reason. While you do not have to necessarily believe that, you can opt to think that if something goes wrong, it only happened because it is preparing the road for something to go really right and if it had not in fact gone wrong, you would have gone down the wrong road under the impression that it was the right one until you approach that road block. Can you imagine if that were true, you would have convinced yourself that you were on the right path because it looked good from the beginning, but when you meet that roadblock with no way over or around it, you will none but two choices; stay in that one spot for the rest of time, or turn around and go back, then start over on another road.

The aforementioned ways of looking at life may not seem practical, but they will help you to keep your sanity and stay focused when you have a task to complete. It may be a small task that can be completed in a few minutes or a few hours, or it may be a task that will take you a few months or a few years. What ever the task may be and however long, the best thing that you can do for yourself is to maintain a positive attitude and that will keep you motivated.

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