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Self-motivated Children

Wouldn't you just love to go home and find your kids doing their homework without your having to nag? Wouldn't it just be great if the priority of school work over their favorite TV show was clear in their minds? Well, it can happen. You just have to build the right circumstances and conditions at home and teach your kids a very simple concept.

Why at home when we are talking about school work? I hear you ask. For a very simple mathematical reason: Out of the 24 hours we all have in a day, let's say that kids spend about 8 at school. That's a pretty good average, sometimes it may be more, or a little less. This leaves two thirds of the day where school is not responsible for kids. Who is responsible for them then? You, their parents. You might not be able to always be there with them but you are in charge of making whatever necessary arrangements for them. Now, let's take into consideration holidays and vacation time and we'll see that it's actually a lot more than two thirds of the time that you have to take care of your kids. So YOU are in charge of their education. School provides instruction on knowledge on some specific issues and you do the rest.

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Report By: Dr Nihar Ranjan Ray


I came in contact with this beautiful lady during my visit to SEWA head office. She drew my attention for two reasons as her verbal communication sounds so sweet on her cute face and as she looks like a college student. The next day I could ask her about her past times and the reason why she is at SEWA. Her story is so interesting and equally challenging.

Dipti rekha Banik belongs to poor family of south Gujarat. They came to Ahemadabad since 15 years when their family able to settle at the outskirts of the city. Her mother had to do some work after her father passed away. Her mother has to work day and night to bear up Dipti and her two sisters. Dipti witnessed the hard ship her mother to face for their food, clothing's and shelter. In 1995 her mother joined SEWA. SEWA was an organization for the protection of unorganized women labor at that time. SEWA was fighting for minimum wages and exploitation against women daily workers. The family of Dipti got support and benefit from SEWA. Gradually her mother got trained as a Dai. She could now earn some lively hood for her family with doing some service to the local people. Dipti and her two sisters managed to get formal education as their mother could support them now.

After intermediate education Dipti told her mother to join SEWA. Dipti worked as an ageban. She eagerly worked in the society in different campaign of SEWA. She could motivate the people with sitting them, being one of them sharing their sorrows and sufferings. Being an educated young girl she could do good work at SEWA that makes a difference. She was doing her formal education simultaneously. She has two most important things in her as a social worker. She was educated and she has immense interest in social work so that her work always makes an impact on the society and the seniors at SEWA as well.

After Dipti passed her MA in Economics she was getting number of lucrative opportunity but she liked to be with SEWA as she liked the philosophy of SEWA very much. Now she is working in Vimo SEWA division as the Ahemadabad city coordinator. Dipti changed the trends of marketing of Vimo sewa. She herself accompanies her agebans regularly. "In this way the agebans will feel encouraged "she describes.

At Navapur slum of Ahemadabad no body were just ready to listen them. Her senior told Dipti to look after the area. Dipti started the campaign there. The people of those slums are mostly Muslims and speak Urdu. Dipti first learned the Urdu. She every time greeted them in Urdu. She showed them the example of the persons got benefit from the vimo sewa. Gradually people could realize that the scheme is a good one and will help them in there need. When a vegetable vendor get the health benefit from the vimo sewa of the same community than Dipti showed that example to the whole community. Now about 30 percent family of that community bought the policy.

I found the whole story very interesting. I felt that why should not I tell the story of Dipti so that other people will get a great impetus from that.


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Improve Self Motivation Using Affirmations

What holds you back from achieving your dreams—or even daring to take them seriously? The first step toward success is self-motivation. There are a number of ways to help support the journey toward its accomplishment.

It may not be easy to accept this, that we find otherwise quiet and retiring people jump from having nothing to experiencing abundance through the power of affirmations.

Affirmations open up your mind to possibilities. Anything that may have been previously out of your grasp, comes within touching distance. But first you need to believe it is possible. What an affirmation actually does is to change your own perceptions and attitude towards yourself. Instead of being a useless person you can become the most valued in your profession, family or neighbourhood.

Affirmations will unblock those previous barriers that have held you back. Brick walls become doors, high hurdles become small steps and huge ravines start to have their own bridges.

As a result of derogative and demeaning comments when we were children, these statements are sometimes carried through our life and subsequently they prevent us from achieving our dreams. If you can admit that this is true and such comments have being taken into adulthood then you must also see the flipside of that. Using affirmations lay those early comments to bed and allow the new 'positive affirmations' to take over and become more prominent in your mind.

5 Steps to Positively Affirm your Affirmations

1. Repetition is the first step in making affirmations work for you.
2. Getting More Involved in affirmations helps the dialogue in your sub-conscious mind to cement them with both affection and assurance.
3. Affirmations enpower... But you must take regular action to affirm your potential.
4. Believe... Belief is important as a 'positive' affirmation means more than a half hearted statement.
5. Resistance is natural. Affirmations can see results in hours, days, weeks and months. the more resistance to your affirmation the longer it will take to manifest Affirmations are also called self-talk, self-suggestions, attitude control, personal reminders, or simply talking to yourself. An affirmation is a statement that describes
a goal in its already completed state.

The word affirmation is redirected from a Latin word ‘affirmare’, which means ‘to assert.’ In layman terms, it means it is the declaration that assures something is true.

Replace the Negative with the Positive. The purpose of the affirmation is to repeatedly tap into the subconscious mind for eventual positive and sustained change to achieve one’s desired result.

Affirmations Will Change Your Thinking if you Allow... Opening up your mind will allow a new education. Keeping your mind closed will mean you carry on as normal. The fact that you are reading this means you are contemplating opening your mind.

Crafting good, effective affirmations is not rocket science.

When using affirmations, they should connect with as many of the senses as possible. In your mental experience and affirmation suggestions visit these senses one by one while repeating the same suggestion. Make sure your affirmation

references are made and refer to the present moment. In essence, affirmations should always be accompanied by a mental image or visualization of your desire to the extent possible.

Visualize and Repeat, Over and Over... That doesn’t mean every few seconds. That doesn’t mean get down to some ‘hard work’. It means allow it to come to mind and repeat as and when you so desire.

Positive affirmations are words that offer power to the subconscious mind … to read more please visit this site:

Mr. Andy Bolton
Senior Affirmation Advisor
For more information on ‘affirmations’ please visit this site:
<a rel="nofollow" onclick="javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/outgoing/article_exit_link']);" href="">Affirmations + Positive Mental Attitude + Self Development = Success</a>

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Making Your Dream of Success a Reality Using Self-talk and Self-motivation

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.” Buddha

The proper use of affirmations is one of the most powerful tools known to man. We have all heard people say something like, “I’m no good at that.” We may have even said that ourselves. Such a defeatist statement is technically an affirmation, but NOT the type of affirmation that all of us need. What we need are affirmations that encourage, motivate, and change us for the better.

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