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Self Motivation – When you Really, Really Want to Do Something Why is it Difficult?

Do you find it difficult to get self motivated? Do you love the idea of being self motivated, but lack the drive to get started? It might help if you set yourself a goal to work towards.

Want some help? OK!

The first thing to do is grab a pen and paper, put on your thinking cap, and start thinking! What is it you would like to achieve? Now, before you do anything else, write those goals down. The mere act of writing your goal down will help keep your motivation strong. Make you more determined to achieve.

With me so far? Good!

Try not to make your goal one that you hope to achieve within a short period of time.

Plan to make it become a reality sometime in the future. Then take this main 'big goal' and break it down into small parts. Make sure each part is achievable.If you have any doubts about this, break that small part down to be even smaller.

Have you put them down on paper? Good! Hold on don't rush off!

It's no good writing them down if you are going to stick them inside a book, or tuck them away in a drawer! Pin them up where you can see them! Read through the list every day and cross each goal off as you complete it - wow I bet that feels good! The list is shrinking!

Don't only read through the list, visualise how your life will be when you reach the final piece of your goal. Now hold that vision in your mind. Any time you feel your motivation begin to sag, call up that vision. Think strongly about it. Really concentrate hard on it. Imagine the sense of achievement you will feel knowing that you stayed motivated and on target with your dream.

If you have a friend who you know will help encourage your motivation, why not share your plan

and ask if he/she will help you any time you feel that you want to give up?

It's not always easy to stay self-motivated, even when there is something you really want to do.

Other challenges may crop up in your daily life that seem to overtake any plans you had on working towards your goal. Try to stay centered on what it is you hope to achieve.

Don't take the easy way out by saying you haven't got time to get motivated. If you do this, you may feel good about your decision to give up initially, but when there is something you really, really want to achieve, it wont belong before regret sets in and you wish you hadn't dropped your plans.

Sometimes to give in seems the easiest thing to do, but that could be because you aren't feeling in the mood and have lost your self motivation. If this happens don't forget to visualise the final successful outcome. This should give you the courage and determination to keep going.

Achieve one small goal at a time. No need to rush. Slow and easy will get you there every time.

Kay Drummond

Making Self Motivation Work for You

Who needs motivation? All of us do. In this world of tough competition, stress and hectic lifestyle, one surely requires a driving force to get going. It is very important to keep up the good work. If you want the art of self motivation work for you, here are some foolproof techniques.

a) State your goals

First and foremost, you clearly require to state your goals with deadlines. It is a great idea to develop a strong desire to achieve these goals. Experts have always suggested to know what you want and then want it strongly in order to achieve it.

b) Think and act positively

Following optimism is extremely necessary to achieve success in life. It is important to think positively about your personality. This increases your chances of achieving success to a great extent. Put it this way; you cannot get positive results if you think negatively.

c) Create a plan

Nothing will work for you without a plan. Make sure that your plan is definite and you know exactly how to go about it. An action plan in itself is a great source of motivation or it will save you a lot of time in moving towards your destination. According to Steve Chandler, a great motivational speaker, “successfully planned work will definitely motivate you to do more and more until you become unstoppable.”

d) Face problems

Fearing problems or running away from them is no solution. This way, you are lowering yourself esteem. You should see the good in obstacles. It is likely to face some problems. However, this should not become a cause to give up. Every failure has something good and motivational in it to teach you.

e) Enjoy

You need to learn to make your work fun. The key is to find the chance to have fun. Don’t get discouraged. See the positive side of everything around you. The simple word is ‘Action’. Just get in to action and everything will be alright.

f) Create energy

If you don’t have the zest to carry out a task, you will fail in the beginning. Energy is the key to self-motivation. Try to exercise and sleep well to drive away any kind of stress that you feel.

g) Stimulate desire

Desire for something good and try to make it real.

h) Take a small step

Now, if you have designated a gigantic target for yourself such as shedding 25 kilos, then you need to reconsider your notion. It is not about the target being impossible to accomplish. It is about making it a bit realistic. Focus on shedding 1.5 kilos in a week and work towards it. Gradually, increase your target and voila. You are there. The key is to break your ultimate goal in to several small goals and try to achieve them.

In order to make the motivation work for you, you need to follow the techniques mentioned above. Think positive, get motivated and you have all that you want.

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How to Teach Self Motivation

Self motivation is something that does not come easy, it is something that has to be worked on continuously so that it can be fully achieved. Now you can have someone teach you self motivation, or you can step up to the plate and try to achieve it by teaching it to yourself.

The first and possibly most simple thing to do would be to hang around people that are self motivated and like to motivate other people. Within time this will rub off on you in a positive way. This is much better instead of hanging out with people who have a negative attitude towards life.

Try to make a list of everything that motivates you even if you think it is silly because remember this is your own personal list that applies to you. After you have made your list make sure that you put it somewhere that you could easily see it even if you post sticky pads all around your house.

Next learn different ways to become even better. Your list may help you however there could be other ways that could help you achieve your goals and be more motivated even faster. One thing that definitely works is try to teach other people, once you try to help other people become stronger, you yourself will become stronger.

Faith always works so ask god to help you, just because he does not deliver right away it does not mean it is not coming. Just remember that you do not have to waste money on books, tape recordings and other things similar to that which will not necessarily work for you. It is within you and sometimes surprisingly the most simple of all things seem to be the ones that help you the most. So try it out and see what happens.

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Self Motivation Will Determine Your Online Success

The Internet offers some unique advantages over other forms of making money. One of the most important of these is the ability to automate many of your day to day tasks. However, it can become extremely frustrating and may require self-motivation for you to get things done.

This article will look at the importance of self motivation to your Internet business.

For the most part when you have an Internet business you are working alone. Many people cannot handle this especially if they are used to having day-to-day contact with co-workers at a job. This one of many reasons why social networking is important and popular.

When you work at home you're sitting in front of your computer with no one to tell you what to do. You must have a clear goal and a solid reason why you have a online business or it may be difficult to stay moivated.

Self motivation must start with you understanding of why you have an Internet business to begin with. Even more important than writing down goals is understanding your why.

Many people approach things from a goal setting point of view and end up with a list of items that they never achieved. Hopefully I am not describing you here.

An Internet business will be frustrating because many times you will work long hours and not see the results of your striving for. You can build the most beautiful website in the world and never make any sales and wonder why.

Yet if you were to analyze what you would see is that you're not getting the adequate number of visitors to your site to be successful to start with. Now this means that you have to go back and work even harder, which requires more self-motivation because you are tired and burned out.

When we mentioned automation were talking about utilizing things such as a blogging platform, an autoresponder, paid advertising, article submission software, and so on. Automation will really help you in self motivation because it allows you to get so much more done quickly than if you were to try to do everything manually.

There is no doubt that self motivation is important to your Internet business success. many of the honest success stories found on the Internet come from people who feel like they are not working. They do not really have to motivate themselves because they can hardly wait to sit down and go to work.

If this describes you then you stand an excellent chance to be successful online, and self-motivation will not be the determining factor.

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