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Did Your Education Prepare You?

Did Your Education Prepare You?Studying for a degree didn't focus on a field until later in the college career because most of the time was spent covering the basics. Learning the fundamentals was the cornerstone of the education, but did these studies and others prepare you for your career? Or, were the essentials of your career learned through hands on experience? Most people will answer that on the job training was the best teaching tactic used to enhance what was taught at the traditional college or university. Read the rest of this entry »

Staff Work Ethic Problems? Tissues and Issues

Professionalism : Ideas to iron out
A key factor in developing a strong staff work ethic and professionalism is top down. That is to say to ‘lead by example’. It’s an old adage - but not at all to be overlooked. From the C.E.O. to managers, to line managers - their attitude has a cascade effect. By supervisory staff being seen to go the extra-mile, to be hard working, take pride in their tasks and the tasks of employees yields an ethos. This certainly can have reverse effect if management are lacking in these attributes. Shop floor staff like supervisors clearly getting closely involved in team working, in even menial roles, helps the ethic of the organization. For a team to see supervisors sitting, idly chatting and drinking coffee really can have real repercussions on staff. Professionalism is a team endeavor. Read the rest of this entry »

Staff Building Method

Staff growth: Home-made staff
Personal Development Plans are a fantastic training and development method. With one of these plans in place for each member of staff, up to and including senior staff, many benefits can emerge and blossom. It is a holistic way to get to know staff in their skill set. It identifies training needs, gaps and strengths in performance, weaknesses and methods to engage theses areas. Feedback from staff to management is two way, it can clarify disputes by nipping them in the early stages. Read the rest of this entry »


Indulging in food has gotten out of control. And with the availability of cuisine, one can't live without taking advantage of menu choices. There has to come to be a means through which the decision to overeat is curbed or, in fact, changed. One thing to consider is the fact that health may be at issue and for this reason it's best to perform due diligence in an effort to minimize overindulging. With this in mind, go to the refrigerator and remove the fats and items high in cholesterol. This means taking away the sweets as well as anything fried. Read the rest of this entry »

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